Computer Science Club Lecture Video

Computer Science Club – This is an open lecture on computer science at the St. Petersburg branch of the Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. CS club affiliates operate in Novosibirsk and Kazan.

The main goal of the club is to talk about the current state of affairs and acquaint with open tasks in various areas of computer science. For example, here are spring semester courses in St. Petersburg in one picture.

All courses are open to visitors, admission is free, registration is not needed.

During the existence of the club, more than a hundred different courses were read. Thanks most of the courses are recorded on video and available to everyone.

So, if you haven’t yet figured out what to do on the weekend, then look at course list club – probably some of them will seem interesting to you. For example, you may be interested lecture about the encryption device in the Signal messenger, mini-course about type inference from Hindley-Milner to GHC 8.8, computer graphics course or something else.

Well, if you live in St. Petersburg – come tomorrow to coding theory course.

PS. If you want to follow the news of the CS club – subscribe to us on social networks. Links can be found at club website.

PPS If you are interested in other training formats in St. Petersburg, then pay attention to Computer Science Center and ITMO’s JetBrains Corporate Masters Program.

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