Come to fundamental science and stay. Why do women go or not go into science?

Fewer girls enter natural science universities than boys, and they “get” to jobs in research institutes and quite a bit. Many after graduation work outside their specialty and choose other areas, such as IT. Why? Worried about low wages? Difficulties in reconciling family and work offline? Do not understand how they will build a career?

In the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, JINR, the share of female scientists about 20% – about the same as in general in Russia. For the project “Charming Science” The Science Communications Group of the Lab asked six female employees, from a recent graduate student to the head of a serious department, whether they were disappointed that they had remained in science.

Spoiler (conclusion of our interlocutors): “For a woman, doing science is a very good profession! Even returning from maternity leave in science is convenient. This is firstly. “Secondly, the salaries of a good specialist in science are quite consistent with the salaries of the middle class, despite the fact that doing science is an exciting and prestigious business. for the same work differed significantly) remained in the past.(One of our heroines tells about the situation in the 90s.)

In general, you can live and work!

Then why do so few women enter science? Really UN experts are rightwho say that “the main obstacles for women in science are stereotypes and prejudices in society”?

The experience shared by the heroines of the DLNP JINR project destroys stereotypes. Hear how they got it success in scientific career. What do they say about the joy of knowing, about what perfect day is when a solution to the problem is found. What they say about the difficulties in career and research (“And who doesn’t?”), about invaluable family support And understanding husbands, as well as attentive leaders and inspiring examples from collaborators.

We hope that successful female scientists will convince today’s students of natural science universities not to leave thoughts of a scientific career and follow their dreams.

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