Coloring customs statistics. Or how many and what microcircuits are imported to Russia? (2)

We will continue to analyze which foreign microcircuits are used in Russia based on customs statistics. How do we do it? From the data of the FCS, we select the records in which the nominal value of the imported microcircuit is indicated, and using the internal database we supplement this record with the main parameters of the microcircuit, starting from the manufacturer, bit sizes, power ranges and ending with the type of case, packaging, and so on. In this part, we will look at ADC / DAC and microcontrollers.


All types of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, according to our database, are divided into groups:
– ADC – analog-to-digital converters;
– DAC – digital-to-analog signal converters;
– combined ADC / DAC (usually these are different audio ADC / DAC, but without codecs, which come in a different group);
– Analog Front End (AFE) – digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion circuits (usually used for radio communication);
– digital potentiometers – circuits combining sensor and ADC / DAC used as temperature sensors.

Distribution of microcircuits by type.
Distribution of microcircuits by type.

Most of the imported chips are AFE – radio transceivers, but not having processor cores in their composition – more than 182K pieces. The most popular ADC is ADS1000A0IDBV… The most popular DAC – DAC6311IDCK… Most popular audio ADC / DAC – PCM5102APWR… Most popular RF transceiver – CC1020RSSR… And the most popular digital sensor is DS18B20 +… Pretty much everything from Texas Instruments.

Marginality of types of microcircuits

The most marginal turned out to be Audio ADC / DAC – probably sound lovers are ready to overpay not only for an oxygen-free copper cable. What firms are leading in this market?

Leading manufacturers of ADC / DAC microcircuits

Texas Instruments makes the most popular ICs and ships the most A / D ICs.


The most popular pure ADC bit depth is 12 bits

Distribution of bit capacity of ADC microcircuits

16 or more are in the main sigma-delta ADCs, which are accurate, but usually not very fast. What’s the most popular sample rate? According to the conversion frequency for the ADC, the distribution looks as follows

Distribution of conversion speed of ADC microcircuits

The coolest ADC that was officially imported into Russia – AD9208BBPZ-3000 (14 bit @ 3GSPS).


DAC distribution by bit width

DAC bit distribution

DAC conversion rate distribution

DAC conversion rate distribution


Of the analyzed approximately 1 million microcontrollers, the most popular microcontrollers in Russia are from Microchip (479K), STM (305K) and NXP (126K).

Leaders among microcontroller manufacturers

The most popular is the microcontroller. STM8S003F3P6TR… Strange as it may seem, but 8-bit MCUs are still the most popular. But this is most likely again due to the fact that the customs does not see all imported microcontrollers.

The ratio of 8, 16, 32 bit microcontrollers (most likely incorrect)

How much memory do you need to solve microcontroller tasks?

According to the clock frequencies of the microcontrollers, the following distribution is

Microcontroller clock distribution

According to the number of pins in the case, the distribution is as follows (unfortunately, we did not have data for all denominations)

Distribution of the number of microcontroller pins


As a result, the average ADCs and DACs in our market are 12 bits wide. The ADC conversion speed is 1 MSPS, and the DAC conversion time is 1KSPS to 100KSPS. Both chips will be from Texas Insruments. The average microcontroller will be 8-bit, with 16 pins and 8 Kbytes of Flash, clocked at up to 16-20 MHz and released by the Microchip.

In the third part of the article, memory microcircuits will be considered.

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