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When you are a system administrator, you are not responsible for one thing, but for everything at once. Moreover, “burning” tasks often arise in the most sudden way. If you do not do something every day, sooner or later it will fly out of your head, and you simply cannot remember the necessary commands and options at the very moment when everything around is on fire and collapsing. Therefore, we have prepared 10 useful cheat sheets that will come in handy no matter how cool sysadmin you are:

  • Networks

    PDF cheat sheet for Linux utilities and commands for managing servers and networks.

  • Firewall

    This cheat sheet will help you build your Linux security knowledge.

  • Advanced SSH

    For most, SSH is just a remote login tool. In fact, he can do much more.

  • Users and permissions

    Here you can find examples and commands that will come in handy when managing users and permissions.

  • Basic commands

    Linux commands for routine tasks: navigation and file management, software installation on standard distributions, services.

  • Git

    Today it is the de facto version control standard, it is time to learn how to work with it effectively.

  • Curl

    Typical curl syntaxes and scripts, including how to use it to request an API.

  • SELinux

    A helpful guide to using and working with Security-Enhanced Linux.

  • Kubectl

    9 essential kubectl commands for troubleshooting and managing Kubernetes clusters.

  • awk

    A cheat sheet for common awk functions.

Bonus: “Bash Scripting – A Guide for Sysadmins”

This e-book will explain why shell scripting is the best way to automate tasks and teach you how to create simple scripts.

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