Cloud4Y has opened access to the training course on VMware vCloud

Everyone who successfully completes the training will be awarded a certificate from the leading cloud provider “Cloud4Y”, reflecting your new competencies in working with virtualization and VMware networking.

The electronic format of the certificate will allow you to tell about your new skills to the employer, in social networks and on recruiting sites!

Today is “Black Friday” – the time of insane discounts and even crazier shopping. We propose to spend this day (as well as several subsequent ones) with benefit: having completed training in cloud technologies. Now you can register and take the course VMware Cloud Management. VMware cloud networksabsolutely free!

The course was created by Cloud4Y engineers, high-level specialists who have certificates from leading technology vendors VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, and others, so it will be most useful to everyone who wants to master the management of the cloud and VMware networks.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Cloud Director Cloud Dashboard

  • Creating a virtual machine

  • Virtual machine management

  • Cloud VMware networks. General principles

  • Creation of Org VDC Network

  • Edge Firewall / NAT

  • Edge DHCP / Routing

  • Load Balancer

  • IPSec VPN

We will be glad if our course will help you start your career in the cloud IT field or simply understand the basic cloud management tools.

Link for those who want to take the course for free “VMware Cloud Management. VMware cloud networks“.

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