Christmas calendars for developers

Below is a selection of calendars for 2021

⛄️ Advent of Code

The most famous. He even has his own subreddit… This is a calendar for all developers, technology is not important. Tasks appear every day, you need to solve them. You can compete with others.

🌲 Java advent

JVM technology calendar. Every day a new article. Just what lovers of Kotlin or Java need.

🎊 Advent of Cyber

For those interested in cyber security. Every day you can do small security tasks and even win prizes.

🎅🏻 Bekk christmas

In previous years, these guys made separate calendars based on a bunch of technologies. And now I decided to put it on one platform. Every day, behind each door, you can choose an article of interest for yourself on React, JavaScript, UX and not only.

❄️ Advent of GraphQL

A little artisanal, but fun too. If you are interested GraphQL, but have not yet used it, you can pull up this technology, spending 5 minutes a day on it.

We finish

Now it’s easy to spend December with benefit, you just need to open a new door in the calendar of your choice every day.

Do you know any other good projects? Write in the comments.

And also …

Here I am speaking again, Paul. At the end, I will once again invite you to my Telegram channel. On the channel A good developer knows I talk at least three times a week in simple language about my experience, hard skills and soft skills. I have been in IT for 15+ years, I have something to share. All this is necessary for a developer to do his job well, to be in demand in the market and receive high compensation.

Thank you 🤗

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