Choosing gifts for fantastic women

Binary heartbeat by Kevin tong

Admittedly, I do not know how to choose gifts. But I love science fiction (I hope these two facts are not related). How about making presents for March 8, not for real, but for book heroines? At the same time remembering what fantastic novels were remembered by strong and bright female characters.

It sounds like harmless fun, but do not forget – some of these girls can easily be killed for an unsuccessful gift choice.

Case Pollard

Pattern Recognition, William Gibson

Cayce pollard by Jamie McKelvie

The world of Case is very similar to ours. This is not a classic cyberpunk performed by Gibson (like “Neuromancer” or “Count Zero”), but the master’s view of modernity. The events of the novel take place in the 2000s. Venue – USA, Japan, Russia: megacities, kilometers of showcases with millions of goods, offices and gyms on the upper floors of skyscrapers.

In this sterile commercial world something new appears – “fragments”. Short videos filled with beauty, emotions and life. Thousands of people on the Internet are already puzzling over their decoding. What do they mean? Is this a message or a new form of art? Who is the author of the videos? Case Pollard is also trying to solve the riddle of fragments.

What you need to know when choosing a gift for Case? She physically does not tolerate logos and visual advertising. And Bibendum – the inflatable figure of the Michelin brand – is her worst nightmare.

… What people take for minimalism is an allergy that developed as a result of too long and close contact with the reactor zone of modern fashion generators. Before putting on a new thing, Case ruthlessly pairs all the labels. The style of her clothes cannot be dated more accurately than in the interval between 1945 and 2000.

However, her weakness is her strength. Due to her hypersensitivity to commercial symbols, she is an independent visual advertising consultant. One word of her can cross out months of work on the design of a new logo.

Gift for Case should be minimalistic and black and white. Aged in urban style. And he should help the girl to hide at least for a while from the infinite flow of the megalopolis.

Gift Ideas for Case Pollard Madrobots. 20% discount on the STARHABR promo code for the selection:

  1. Bone Conductivity Wireless Headphones Aftershokz AEROPEX
  2. Waist bag anti-theft Pacsafe Stylesafe Sling Pack
  3. Smartphone radio blocking capsule Block


Regina van Frassen

“Urbi et Orbi, or the City and the World”, Henry Lyon Oldie

Regina van Frassen is one of the heroines of the Oicumene space cycle. The girl comes from Largitas, the most technologically advanced world. While other races in the galaxy use their own physiology and get energy, for example, from suffering or observance of rituals, the inhabitants of Largitas rely on scientific progress in everything.

Regina is the daughter of military captain van Frassen and countess of coenolbology (yes, on Largitas noble titles correspond to scientific degrees) Anna-Maria Reinecke. And also a talented telepath, from early childhood learning to control his abilities.

Regina’s whole life is self-discipline. The telepathists of Largitas for many years learn to surround their brain with a cocoon and restrain their own emotions. Violators are vigilantly monitored by the internal T-security service.

Joy sparkled and rang in the bowels of the cocoon around Linda. That’s why Linda laughed and danced. Regina felt insulted. She also wanted to go there. But the evil cocoon springy and did not let. That would be something to pick it up! Or make Linda crawl out. Thinking about how to pick Lindin’s cocoon, Regina found a pipe in her hands. The pipe was called “flute” – they were shown to them in the kindergarten. You have to blow into it, and there will be music. Regina blew.

Working with someone else’s mind, Regina is transferred to the so-called “hallucinatory” reality. At that moment, she sees telepathic talent as playing the flute. And of the sweet affection it is worth noting an unusual pet – the chimera Frida. An animal that turns into a predatory cat, lizard or goat – according to the mood.

Gift Ideas for Regina van Frassen by Madrobots. 20% discount on the STARHABR promo code for the selection:

  1. Intelligent Wi-Fi automatic feeder for cats and dogs Petoneer nutri feeder
  2. Portable speaker system Divoom macchiato
  3. Mask for lucid dreams Remee


Frey, Robert Heinlein

Friday by Michael whelan

The world of Freydy is not as futuristic as the Oikumena universe. But this is not the good old beginning of the 20th century from “Pattern Recognition”. Behind the Third World War. Earth is torn apart by national conflicts and civil strife. Corporations are equal in strength to entire states. And ordinary people settled in space orbitals and settled in colonies on Mars and Venus.

Freydy is an artificial person who in this world has practically no rights. Therefore, forced to hide their origin.

You see, I never told Douglas that I was not a person … I have immunity against cancer and most infectious diseases. But it’s not written anywhere on me. I have unusual reflexes, but I do not show them, grabbing flies with my thumb and forefinger on the fly. I never participate in games with people where skill and dexterity are required.

I have an exceptional memory, an innate ability to calculate and reveal hidden connections, an exceptional ability to navigate in space, and exceptional linguistic abilities …

Profession Freydi is a combat courier. She works for one of the private paramilitary organizations and carries other people’s secrets. We can say that she travels a lot (literally, traveled on the “subway” the whole globe), and not always with comfort. Any means are used to complete the mission: forged documents, bribery, seduction, and, when necessary, physical elimination of goals and competitors.

Gift Ideas for Freydy by Madrobots. 20% discount on the STARHABR promo code for the selection:

  1. Passport cover ZAVTRA
  2. Women’s backpack XD Design Bobby Elle
  3. Hooded Travel Pillow Travel Blue Hooded Tranquility Pillow (216)

Rebel Elizabeth Madlark

Vacuum Flowers by Michael Suenwick

Rebel is also difficult to call an ordinary person. She is a psycho scheme, a personality written on top of another person. And, like a regular program, even if created on the basis of a real nature, it is considered the property of the corporation.

The world of “Vacuum Flowers” is a real phantasmagoria. Imagine that every corner of the solar system is inhabited and inhabited by religious fanatics, city madmen, adventurers, and simply people who are ready for anything. The faces of those around are painted with psychocracies, as at an endless carnival. And the behavior of people often depends not on themselves, but on psychoschemes implemented in their minds.

… Rebel suddenly remembered that moment of light-filled moment when her personality filled the whole brain and she raised her glass and knocked it over to the programmer. A stream of water wriggled and sparkled, the female psycho-technician watching the experiment turned astonished, horror appeared in her eyes, her mouth opened, and Rebel threw back her head, sensing a juicy, joyful laugh in her throat. What a joy to live, feeling how thoughts, like the sun, warm your brain, and know what to do.

Having gained control of the new body, Rebel Elizabeth Madlark tries to restore his memories and escape from the corporation. She has to suspect everyone around, hiding and disguising herself (including by applying fake psycho-paint patterns to her face). And do any work: for example, putting on a spacesuit, collect vacuum flowers on the surface of Eros.

Gift Ideas for Rebel Elizabeth Madlark according to Madrobots. 20% discount on the STARHABR promo code for the selection:

  1. Electric face brush Foreo LUNA fofo
  2. Smart pen kit Neo SmartPen N2 and notebook N A5 notebook
  3. Table garden farm Vegebox T-Box

Unfortunately, the selection did not include many other heroines of science fiction novels. It would be too difficult for them to pick up gifts even in the festive section of Madrobots 🙂 And what works with bright female characters do you remember?

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