Choosing a budget 3D scanner in 2020

Hello! Today’s review we devoted to budget 3D scanners for lovers and professionals. Consider the most popular models of handheld and desktop devices in this category and find out which ones should be purchased in 2020.



Main purpose 3D scanners is the creation of realistic three-dimensional copies of various physical objects. The range of such devices includes models of different functionalities, different methods of application and, of course, different prices.

Fields of application

  • Reverse engineering in heavy engineering and light industry: development and production of consumer goods and equipment, construction, agriculture, shipbuilding, transport, etc.
  • Medicine: plastic surgery, dentistry, manufacturing of medical equipment and related products.
  • Science: space exploration, forensics, biology, anatomy, etc.
  • Veterinary medicine: the manufacture of artificial limbs and trolleys for pets.
  • Education: creating 3D study guides, teaching design and modeling.
  • Art: theater, cinema, computer games, architecture, fashion design, furniture industry, interior design, jewelry making.
  • Museum business: creation of realistic copies of exhibits, cataloging.

3D Systems


The unique developments of 3D Systems help many well-known brands to cope with technical and production problems. One of the priorities of the company is three-dimensional scanning.
Scanner 3D Systems Sense 2 features wide functionality, ease of use and affordable price.

3D Systems Sense 2

The model is an inexpensive handheld scanner resembling a large stapler. The device costs only 56,000 rubles, it can be recommended to anyone who wants to try using the functions of a 3D scanner without spending a lot of money on professional equipment.
The device weighs 700 grams and connects to a laptop via a USB connector. Unfortunately, the bundled wire is quite short, so users have to scan objects with a scanner in one hand and a laptop in the other


The owner of 3D Systems Sense 2 has three scan modes: subject, body and face. The scanner has found its application in science, education, medicine and even manufacturing.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model


Advantages: low price and ease of management. The 3D scanner supports plug and play and does not require calibration. To get started, just download the software and connect the device – that’s all, you can start scanning.

Disadvantages: unfortunately, the scanner is not suitable for those who plan to scan small objects (less than 20 cm). I must say that it is recommended to bring shiny and dark objects closer to the device as close as possible – at a great distance the scans are of very poor quality. In addition, the device does not have a backlight, so it is better to use it in a room with sufficient and uniform lighting.

Shining 3D

Shining 3D company is trying to please not only large corporations, but also ordinary users. Currently, the brand is one of the undisputed leaders in the production of budget three-dimensional scanners and offers customers several successful models at once:

Board – Einscan-se and Einscan-sp.
Manual – Einscan pro 2x and Einscan pro 2x plus.

All devices fully cope with their tasks, are easy to operate and can be used in various fields of human activity – science, medicine, education, etc.

Shining 3D EinScan-SE and Shining 3D EinScan-SP

Models are optical scanners equipped with tripods and turntables. Devices work in two modes – auto and manual. White light is used to illuminate objects.

The price of Shining 3D EinScan-SE is 103 500 rubles. A model like SP will cost twice as much – 207,000 rubles.

Despite the simplicity of assembly and use, both models of scanners are well suited for solving even very complex tasks – for example, creating high-precision copies of museum exhibits.

Advantages and disadvantages


The main advantage of the devices is the presence of a safe light source in them. Such 3D scanners can be given into the hands of even children and not be afraid that they will do any harm to health. Both models are highly detailed, sufficient to obtain models for subsequent 3D printing.

Disadvantages: for the scanner to work, you must purchase an Nvidia graphics card – the device simply refuses to work with graphics cards from other manufacturers. In addition, there are some restrictions on weight and size for working in auto mode – an automatic turntable “holds” up to 5 kg.

Shining 3D Einscan Pro 2x and Shining 3D Einscan Pro 2x plus

These are hand-held professional scanners with incredibly rich functionality. The Pro series includes devices that provide high detail and sufficient speed for most complex production tasks.

The purchase of such a scanner will cost the user a pretty penny, however, the expenses incurred at the same time will be less than with the purchase of similar industrial models. So, Einscan Pro 2 will cost the buyer 400,000 rubles, and Einscan Pro 2 plus – 550,000 rubles. The price includes the most effective software Solid edgewhich can also buy and separately.


The scanning speed of the models is 1.5 million dots per second. Scan Accuracy:

  1. 0.05 mm-0.3 mm – in the case of hand-held scanning;
  2. 0.04 mm – subject to autoscan.

For each scanner, you can buy an Industrial Pack and an optional module. Color pack.

A set is also available. EinScan HD Prime pack. Its use can significantly improve scan detail and increase the overall speed of the device

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: the perfect combination of rich functionality and price. The compact size of the scanners makes them convenient both in operation, including “in the field”, as well as in storage and transportation.

Disadvantages: Some users complain about poor recognition of tags. Claims to a complete set, lack of a case in a set meet more often.



The main activity of the ScanTech brand is the development and implementation of equipment for visual control. The company is known for its unique digital solutions for the needs of modern industry and 3D-scanners PRINCE.

ScanTech Prince 335

The model belongs to the category of handheld scanners and is equipped with two cameras with LED backlight. The device is equipped with two lasers – blue and red. The blue laser provides a higher level of detail, while the red laser provides an increased speed of operation, each has its own scanner operating mode, and you can switch modes in real time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: high image quality at a speed of 120 frames per second. With accuracy, too, everything is in order – up to 0.03mm.

The scanner has an intuitive interface, so everyone can figure out its work and settings. Well and most importantly – low price!

Disadvantages: unfortunately, the scanner works only in monochrome, so for those who need exactly color scanning, we recommend that you look at other models.

Areas of use

People scan

If you are interested in face scanning, then the 3D Systems Sense 2 model is what you need. At IMTS 2018, the scanner was used to make coins with portraits of visitors on them. The result was just great – you can verify this by watching the video above.

Furniture Production




The scanner from Shining 3D was used to receive scans from bean bags. Furniture manufacturer asked Buro Ruig to create a separate 3D library to integrate Fatboy furniture into new projects.



Shining 3D told Facebook users about an experiment in scanning an industrial part. As a 3D scanner, the Einscan Pro 2x plus model was used.






In the process of restoring the structure of the human skull, specialists scanned the jaw with a Shining 3D EinScan Pro scanner. The data obtained were processed in special software, and the resulting model, after processing, was printed on a 3D printer.

Accessories manufacturing




In the photo above, you see an example of repairing the spectacle frame using 3D printing, and specifically, the Shining 3D EinScan-SP scanner. Any part of a symmetrical shape can be scanned, transferred to the editor, reflected and printed on the printer.

Architecture and Design

In the video, you can hear the story of scanning sculptures using a device manufactured by Shining 3D. A high-precision scanner allows you to create exact copies of cultural heritage objects with minimal time costs.

Equally important is 3D scanning for design art. Using three-dimensional scanners allows you to experiment with models of clothes and shoes and create new, original products based on them. Volume scanning technologies are also used in the development of conceptual solutions for complex interiors.


Recently, 3D scanners have entered almost all areas of human activity. The cost of such devices varies greatly, from tens of thousands for simple manual models to millions of rubles for industrial and construction scanners.

Those who are just starting their acquaintance with the world of three-dimensional scanning can be recommended to purchase an inexpensive scanner like Sense 2.
Experienced experts are better off choosing models with advanced functionality, such as those that produce Shining 3D in series Einscan.

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