Chinese “Kickstarter” from Xiaomi: we treat insomnia with electricity and smart pillows

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Xiaomi, as I said earlier, has cleverly transferred the idea of ​​Western crowdfunding to Chinese soil. The idea paid off: projects on the Youpin platform are multiplying. I looked over the last three months and collected another top 10 successful projects. Most of all, users invested in gadgets to combat insomnia, multifunctional tools and smart home appliances. It is interesting to find out to what extent the choice of Chinese users coincides with the interests of the Russian-speaking audience.

Dawei Trouver Super Powerful Hair Dryer

After Dyson released its legendary Supersonic hairdryer, the Chinese managed to figure out the design and create dozens of clones. The Dawei high speed hair dryer is one of them. Actually, what does he offer? A powerful brushless motor that accelerates to 110,000 rpm and generates an air flow of 60 m / s. According to marketing materials, this is three times faster than a regular hair dryer. Dyson claims the Supersonic is “six times faster than a regular hair dryer.” The end user will be more interested in the price, and here the Chinese win, because their offer will be much cheaper. Again, Dawei dries in 3 minutes, helps styling and is quiet. What else do you need from a good hair dryer?

Powerful 2HP Miga Air Conditioner

Summer is close, which means it’s time to think about how not to go crazy from the heat. Thanks to friends from Xiaomi for launching the project of a new generation budget air conditioner 2HP Miga Air Conditioner on time. It cools rooms up to 30 meters, works quietly and can humidify the air. Plus, all this is controlled through an application or a smart home: if there is a Xiaomi speaker, then it will be able to give commands to the air conditioner. Its main feature is energy efficiency, which is also nice: do not burn extra money for the sake of coolness.

Sleep therapy machine Hipee CES

  • Home transcranial therapy

  • Enough for two sessions for half an hour a day

  • The device is approved by the Chinese Ministry of Health

  • Price tag: ¥ 499 (≈ $ 76)

  • Raised: ¥ 5 617 816 (≈ $ 861 600)

About 300 million people in the Middle Kingdom experience sleep problems, according to Chinese researchers. Therefore, the Hipee brand launched a gadget on Youpin to ease their suffering: the Hipee CES transcranial therapy machine. It looks like an MP3 player, but in reality “headphones” are nothing more than electrodes that are attached to the ears. They send the right signals to the nervous system and make it relax properly. Hipee CES has 100 levels of customization, so the device won’t hit too hard with electricity. Chinese officials believed in the product so much that they licensed it as a medical device and approved it for use in hospitals.

Smart pillow LEGA AI Smart Cervical Massage Sleep Pillow

I will continue the topic of smart gadgets, which should save us from the consequences of using other smart gadgets. The LEGA AI Smart Cervical Massage Sleep Pillow is a device that gently massages your neck in three ways, plus wakes you up in the morning. It is inflatable and adjusts in height to the user so that his back takes a natural position during sleep. And, of course, it connects to the Mija app on a smartphone to live up to the title of “smart”. Actually, the pillow should save the back from the “smartphone disease”, so the circle is closed.

Pet Trimmer Maother G2 Pet Multifunctional Hair Trimmer

Millennials often have pets and have become the backbone of the pet food market. And for them Xiaomi has developed the most millennial device: a combination of trimmer, brush and vacuum cleaner. The Maother G2 Pet Multifunctional Hair Trimmer gently cuts hair with special alloy blades, without tearing or wounding. Then, with the help of four complete combs, you can put the wool in order and suck in the cut with a vacuum cleaner. Everyone is happy: the animal, its owners and the developers of the device.

Smart bath for feet Zdeer Smart Steam Foot Bath Z9

  • Warms tired feet on winter evenings

  • Compact, about the size of a pair of shoeboxes

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Five temperature levels, 39 to 49 ° C

  • Controlled via smart Mija app

  • Price tag: ¥ 399 (≈ $ 61)

  • Raised: ¥ 4 323 309 (≈ $ 663 100)

Warm up your feet on a cold winter evening in the Zdeer Smart Steam Foot Bath Z9. This device has many advantages over the good old basin of water. For starters, this is a steam bath, which means it has a softer effect on the skin of the legs. Hot steam comes in within 10 seconds – no need to wait and prepare a bath for yourself. The temperature inside the bath remains constant, it does not cool down. Plus, the device is controlled from a smartphone and the duration of the procedure is adjustable. Welcome to the future.

Hoto Little Monkey Cordless Glue Gun

  • Wireless, USB Type C rechargeable

  • Compatible with standard rods

  • Disconnects after 3 minutes of inactivity

  • Smart temperature control

  • 100 meters of glue per charge

  • Price tag: ¥ 99 (≈ $ 15)

  • Raised: ¥ 4,271,450 (≈ $ 655,100)

Chinese crowdfunding is more likely than Western crowdfunding to raise funds for tools. And, in line with the latest trends, these devices are becoming futuristic in appearance and smart on the inside. The Hoto Little Monkey Cordless Glue Gun is just such a gadget. Compact, wireless, not overheating, safe to use. The backers liked it, so they collected a lot of orders.

Duke LS5 laser rangefinder

Nowadays, you won’t surprise anyone with a laser tape measure. The Duke LS5 laser rangefinder is more than a tape measure, it is a range, area and volume measurement gadget that is inexpensive. Charged by Type-C, one charge is enough for 4000 measurements. Weighs 38 grams, and beats at a distance of 3 centimeters to 40 meters. A good thing to carry in your pocket in case you need to measure something urgently – or to entertain your pet.

Smart Night Light with Bluetooth Speaker Midian Zero Blue Light Music Atmosphere Light

  • Does not emit blue light, helps to fall asleep

  • Light temperature 1700-1900 K

  • Built-in bluetooth speaker

  • Works with Mija app

  • Price tag: ¥ 249 (≈ $ 38)

  • Raised: ¥ 2 629 794 (≈ $ 403 300)

Midian Zero Blue Light night light appeared on crowdfunding last year. It is a lamp that does not emit harmful blue light and has yellow and red LEDs. This kind of lighting does not interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin, which helps to promote sleep. The gadget was developed by researchers at Nanchang University, and this year they returned with a second version. This is the same night light, only newer, better and with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Now, before going to bed, you can read and listen to music without fear of an attack of insomnia.

Compact vacuum cleaner with compressor Lydsto Handheld Vacuum Inflatable Treasure

  • Suction power 10 kPa

  • Built-in HEPA filter

  • Productivity 10 l / min

  • Pressure 150 PSI

  • Weighs 500 grams

  • Works for 30 minutes in vacuum mode

  • Price tag: ¥ 199 (≈ $ 30)

  • Raised: ¥ 2,559,665 (≈ $ 392,600)

The Lydsto Handheld Vacuum Inflatable Treasure is a combination of a portable vacuum cleaner and a tire compressor. The device allows you to clean the interior of dust and dirt, thanks to the HEPA filter, and inflate the tires. However, there are some doubts about the efficiency of the compressor. But the idea itself is nice.

All these devices can be bought and already used. This time, the collection also includes innovative gadgets. This means that Chinese manufacturers are trying to explore new areas. And this is great for Madrobots: more unusual gadgets, Western and Chinese.


Youpin crowdfunding leaders
Youpin crowdfunding leaders

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