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Then a couple of radio devices came across, about which the seller could not say anything more or less intelligible. Do they work? Unknown. But on the other hand, he asked for relatively little – five euros per device. One of them is clearly a walkie-talkie, the second is something with Morse code. Probably something to teach or play.

Radio-controlled car – why not? I remember a few years ago I bought almost the same one, it worked perfectly. I played around and then presented it to someone I knew, whose children were breathing unevenly towards this machine.

Then I came across just a huge camera from Sharp – unfortunately, the photo turned out to be very unsuccessful. At first I didn’t want to post it, but I thought that someone could identify the model, and, perhaps, tell something about it. If you know at least the name of the model – name it in the comments, and then I will add information about it.

One of the last interesting gadgets that came across on Saturday is this gritty docking station for one of their outdated laptops from Dell. Docking stations are generally a good thing, as they expanded the capabilities of laptops. Now there are docking stations too, but they do not look so harsh, nevertheless the designers are trying.

Well, the last thing that caught my eye from the interesting or useful is such a universal uninterruptible power supply / surge protector for several devices at once.

By the way, this time I bought unusually few things – for example, a couple of cables, one PDA with a broken screen into parts (I have the same one, but a whole one, one more battery will not be superfluous). I also bought several micro-USB cables and an original PSP charger from Sony.

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