ChatGPT programming Arduino – what this couple is capable of. But isn’t it dangerous for us?

I honestly didn’t intend to contribute to the GPT chat hype in the form of an article anytime soon, but a video I recently watched changed everything. Strange as it may seem, it was a revelation for me that the chat is capable of not only solving puzzles of varying degrees of complexity in python, but also managing completely physical objects. A very vaguely formulated question in a few lines is enough to list the type of board and the equipment connected to it, and in return you get quite a working code. Moreover, the chat did not just take care to warn you which libraries you need to use, it will use the required I/O port at your instruction and will not forget about detailed comments!

And everything would be fine, but taking into account recent events, the chance that Philip Dick’s work “The Second Model” will turn out to be not fantastic, but prophetic, greatly increases. And yet, we cast aside fears and doubts, and head under the cut to find out what our sweet couple ChatGPT + Arduino is capable of today …

And they can do a lot…

In order not to waste time in vain, let’s first ask our mega brain


is he competent in programming at all?

Give me a wink darling

It sounds very convincing, but we are not accustomed to taking a word. Let’s see how he handles “Hello world” in the embedded world.

Wink, buddy, give us an LED!

The code looks like a working one and even with comments!
The truth is so primitive that it’s even too lazy to test in hardware.
We complicate the task.

Smoother, smoother…

It’s time to test the result in practice

Stop, moment!
I managed to catch a moment at which even with the naked eye you can see that the upper LED is much inferior in brightness to its fellow below. This serves as convincing confirmation of the fact that the code is working!
Shall we add more action? Why not order our Gottabycha to move a servo?

It’s time to take action

Talkative, however, but our motto is trust, but verify!

The test proved that the mechanics of the Bot are also subject to

Do you know the feeling of beauty?

Now let’s check if this creature has a sense of beauty?

The ability to work with addressable LEDs without buildup is impressive, but as they say, “kindness must be done with fists”, and beauty without a bit of mystery is not beauty

Give me dynamics, improvise!

Wandering Lights! This is what I understand. Not just beautiful, but also dynamic. It’s a pity that you can’t see the movement in the picture, well, nothing. At the end of the article there will be a link to the original video, whoever wants to admire it.

Could you please keep your distance?

Well, the chat knows how to wink, he also learned how to move a servo, the feeling of beauty is not alien to him … And how is our artificial intelligence doing with the eye?

Let’s ask him to write a program for arduino to measure the distance using the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, and for greater clarity, also display the result on the LCD display.

And he did an excellent job with it!
How about converting to millimeters and inches?

Keep your distance! You made a mistake…

Finally, we managed to make sure that bots can make mistakes.
The conversion to millimeters did not work – from the point of view of AI, what millimeters, what centimeters is one … in the garden. OK. It turns out that not only people are imperfect, I don’t know why, but in this context it even makes me happy. And it’s time for us to move on to the last experiment for today.
Nowadays, IT, and even on an IT site, you can’t do without remote control.

…and we better stay away.

Give me, Goldfish, LED control, yes from anywhere in the world and with the help of my favorite phone!

Sorry, the program turned out to be long for screenshots, so just look at the piece of code published above, and if you wish, you can see it in full on the video, the link to which you will find at the end of the article, or by repeating the experiment yourself.

This is how the interface looks on the computer screen and the “shelezyak” itself, which provides communication.

And so on the smartphone screen
However, in order not to become like a fabulous old woman, it’s time and honor to know, to finally give the bot a rest.

COOL, man – LATE, we have crossed the line beyond which it is no longer possible

Yes, in the article we are talking about the simplest projects on Arduino in the DIY style. While the simplest But even the examples described in it can be used to create lighting effects at a house party or control, say, a ventilation damper with a servo, open a gate with a smartphone from anywhere in the cottage, what’s the cottage – the city and …

Before providing significant assistance to professionals, in the development of much more advanced devices, there was one step left. It seems that in order not to be left on the sidelines and remain competitive, I will have to do it, and in the very near future.

TODAY is not like always

Scientific progress has been continuing its victorious march for more than a decade, but today it is not the same as always. So far, the revolution has been largely industrial. The means of production were replaced, increasing labor productivity, freeing people from monotonous monotonous labor. Today, humanity is experiencing a post-industrial revolution and labor productivity is increasing already by replacing representatives of intellectual professions. It’s not even about accountants, lawyers, developers and engineers.

I don’t want to be called a neo-Luddite, but I can’t help but notice that this time even highly qualified blue-collar workers got under the distribution.
The legendary “turners of the sixth category” are now practically extinct. Yes, today we are looking for them during the day with fire it’s good that it’s not with the police yetbut this is only a local surge caused by the urgent need to bring back to life a huge amount of specific equipment removed from long-term storage.
If we take a look today, for example, at the Audi Electric Motors plant in Germany, it turns out that all the truly responsible work is done there by multifunctional robots with a flexible program.

For the person, mainly, there are functions with which the metal manipulators of robots cope worse than the hands of his hands, as well as those during which his work is cheaper than using robots.

For example, laying bundles of wires in grooves and putting insulating tubes on them …

As the example of using a bot in Arduino programming showed, a serious threat loomed even to the Indian IT miracle, which is based on the performance of routine work by a large number of low-skilled programmers.
Then it will inevitably reach the juniors in more developed countries. Of course, specialists will be required to set tasks for AIbots, only one such specialist will replace a whole team of programmers, while, in fact, programming will have a very vague idea.
The matter will inevitably come to the doctors – it takes too long to teach them, they cost too much and make many mistakes, with extremely serious consequences for patients. Already, some of the operations are carried out by robots. responsible operations. About the screenwriters of TV shows, advertisers, PR people … and other specialists related to linguistics, I am already silent.


The genie is already out of the bottle and cannot be pushed back. We have to live with this, and it depends only on us whether history will repeat itself with the discovery of gunpowder and nuclear fusion. Humanity can rise to heights unimaginable now, or it can slide into an era of barbarism or turn into pets for representatives of the New Race. Can easily slide into digital slavery under the influence of a state that cares about our security

up to the eradication of thought crimes before they are committed

with the help of all-seeing AI, of course…

Everything depends on us. Already TODAY!!!

However, this is a topic for another article.

In the meantime, I will be grateful to those who are willing to spend a couple of tens of seconds on a small survey.

Thank you and see you soon!

Link to the video that served as the prototype for writing the article

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