ChatGPT how to write code automatically

With the advent ChatGPT code on python you can write much faster.

Headache for all the simple functions – feel free to dump on ChatGPT.

ChatGPT – saves a lot of time. Instead of searching the forums, they immediately give you a ready-made solution, and sometimes several ready-made ones.

Usage example. I need a function that will take a string and match it against a dictionary. If there is a hit in the key, then replace it with a property. For example, this can be useful in transliteration, when you need to translate the Cyrillic alphabet into transliteration.

Request example:

### write code on python compare string with dic and replace text in string


He did everything for us. I didn’t have to go to the docks to remember how to iterate through the dictionary, GPT Chat immediately gave the right answer. The main thing is to ask him a clear question.

In the same way, you can ask to write functions where you would puzzle for a long time and most likely would have missed something. Let’s say you need to get an email from a string. You can sit for a couple of hours remembering how this is done by regular campaigns, or you can get an answer from ChatGPT in a few seconds.

He will not write or write all the code for you, but this may not be exactly what you need. However, separate functions and tasks – the bot is able to write for you very efficiently and most importantly quickly.

Welcome to the future!

While you doubt that this is a breakthrough … I already use it to the fullest.

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