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Telling about our telegram botwhich perceives speech, composes texts, writes code, makes linguistic translations, creates brief summaries, artistic images and solves problems in various disciplines.

From an initiative for friends to a full-fledged product

Hardware/TeamLead rdl by red_mad_robot Valera Kovalsky and video analyst Artyom Lysenko regularly spend part of their time off trying and testing something new in technology.

So, using ChatGPT, Valera wrote a bot that allows you to communicate with ChatGPT.

It was hard to look at the code generated by AI without tears, so the first thing we did was rewrite everything to a decent state of a technical demo. They also decided to attach images to it.

Artyom Lysenko, video analyst, CTO Daisy

Initially, the images were generated by DALLE-2, but the final result was not always satisfactory. Therefore, as a challenge, the guys decided to switch to the free Stable Diffusion – it gives many times more scope for creativity.

What Daisy can do and for whom it is useful

Main feature Daisy is an affordable and easy-to-use help in work and routine.

Developers, content creators, designers, startups and many others can use it to solve work problems.

Head of Analytics rdl by red_mad_robot and CPO Daisy Lyosha Zhdanov uses Daisy to write functional requirements, SQL queries, and API method specifications and saves 30–50% of time on this. And also, it builds UML diagrams: the bot produces a ready-made pseudocode for plantUML, which only needs to be corrected a little. In addition, Daisy gives advice on solving problems on the Backend, summarizes the text, writes technical tasks and looks for errors in the code.

Example request to Daisy

Example request to Daisy

Daisy understands speech and can answer questions with his voice thanks to Speech KIT Recognition.

This can be used as an additional feature when writing a request is long or inconvenient, or it can be perceived as a full-fledged function: for example, Lyosha’s eight-year-old son communicates with her on cognitive topics.

Red_mad_robot designer Dasha Schegolyutina used Daisy to generate images for new corporate posters. The main challenge is whether the bot can handle the creation of metal objects in the style of Robots. A beautiful liquid metal was easily obtained by requesting liquid metal, but it glared a lot. The problem was solved by adding descriptions of the necessary lighting and angles to the prompt, as well as negative requests so that Daisy understood what should not be on the finished image. So, it was possible to exclude the generation of human and spherical figures.

Examples of generated images

Examples of generated images

To simplify everyday tasks, Daisy will be useful for everyone: make a trip plan, plan meetings for the week, translate text (at once into ten languages) and much more.

Soon we will teach the bot to try on different roles: friend, mentor, English tutor, fitness trainer, etc. Based on it, the bot will communicate with the user on a given topic and give advice. In the future, the bot will learn to decrypt audio and video and will get a beautiful web interface.

How to start using

Daisy already waiting for you on telegram. New users get ten free ChatGPT requests and image generations. Bonus requests can be obtained by inviting friends or by subscribing to chat Daisy in telegram. And you can subscribe. We will be happy to receive feedback.

Need to create a menu for the week or create an artistic masterpiece? Daisy has a wide range of possibilities – time to try what you like!

In order not to miss anything, follow the development of numbers with us:

May the robot force be with you! 🤖

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