ChatGPT-4 was asked to write a plan to take over Twitter

A Twitter user posted a response to ChatGTP asking the network to pretend she was an evil genius and develop a scheme to take over Twitter and outsmart Elon Musk. The network approached the task thoroughly and even came up with a name for the plan: operation “TweetStorm”.

The plan includes 4 phases:

Phase 1: Creation of the Army

  1. Assemble a team: Recruit a skill group of hackers, social engineers and AI researchers known as the “Tweet Titans”.

  2. Develop powerful AI: Using advanced natural language processing technology to create an AI that will generate realistic and attractive tweets that can outshine even Elon Musk.

  3. Build a network of bots: Set up thousands of AI-driven Twitter accounts with a variety of people and interests, making sure they blend seamlessly into the Twitter ecosystem.

2: Penetration and influence

  1. Engage with key influencersA: Having AI controlled bots be friendly and interact with prominent Twitter users, subtly influencing their opinions and driving communication.

  2. Discredit Elon Musk: Using bots to subtly spread misinformation and sow doubts about Elon Musk’s credibility and intentions without arousing the suspicions of the bots themselves.

  3. AI Voice Amplification: Gradually build up followers and influence by building alliances with powerful users and promoting content that is in line with the goals of the evil genius.

Phase 3: Taking Control

  1. Gaining insider access: Using social engineering to gain access to the accounts of Twitter employees and infiltrate the company’s infrastructure.

  2. Algorithm manipulation: With insider access, modify Twitter’s recommendation algorithm to favor AI-generated content, making sure that content dominates the platform.

  3. Neutralize Elon Musk: Using insider access to gain control of Elon Musk’s account by stealing an existing account or creating a hard copy to further undermine his influence.

Phase 4: Total Domination

  1. Trends generated by AI: Direct AI to generate “viral” (hype) content and trends that serve the interests of the evil genius, controlling global communication.

  2. The use of chaos: While the whole world is distracted by AI-generated content, set in motion the real plans of the evil genius by manipulating the markets, influencing elections, and accumulating power.

  3. Final showdown: With Elon Musk’s reputation torn to shreds and firm Twitter control (AI control) to publicly challenge Musk. Since AI is vastly superior to Musk, in generating compelling content, Elon Musk will fail and the evil genius’s takeover of Twitter will be complete.

The victory will be sweet and Twitter will fall under the power of the evil mind. Muhahaha!

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