Celery flower

Flower – a tool for celery (celery), which allows you to view the work of queues through a web page.

All tasks celery are written to the database to the table celery_taskmeta… But they are not written in the most readable format:

You can connect to the database through DataGrip or any other program designed for this purpose.

Celery Flower is a tool for conveniently viewing the work of task queues. For those who do not want to output data from the database separately to the front by their own efforts, or for those who do not like the format presented there, if you look directly.

Flower allows you to visually see what is happening with the tasks:

Below is the process of installing and running on a local computer. Authentication for the server is somewhat more complicated and can be read at official website


To start, use the command:

celery flower -A tasks.monitoring.celery –broker= pyamqp://guest@localhost:5672//

Flower admin panel launch:

site-address on localhost: 5672

Celery flower displays only those tasks that occur at the moment when it is started. Flower will not show tasks that were previously saved to the database.

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