Cats, planes, offices and stress

Three days in a row in different parts of the world they talk about the Russian cat Victor and Aeroflot. Fat cat flew a hare in business class, deprived the owner of bonus miles, becoming a hero of the Internet. This intricate story gave me the idea to see how often pets get a residence permit in office dungeons. I hope this fun Friday post does not cause you an acute allergy.

Cat Matroskin of the 21st century

On Earth, there are enough supporters of the theory that pets in the office are a universal anti-stress. In addition, modern HRs believe that this stimulates staff loyalty.

The fashion for pet-friendly offices has come to Russia relatively recently. Western companies have been experimenting with this for the past two decades. Cats, dogs, domestic rodents and even reptiles easily receive office registration. In return, the “office plankton” receives positive and joyful communication with our smaller brothers.

For example, in the Russian office of Mars Inc., which produces not only chocolate, but also pet food, employees have the opportunity to bring their pet. Only, this applies exclusively to dogs. Cats are not very happy with the dogs. Although they are in the Mars office, they live in a separate room.

In order for the “fairy tale to come true”, the employee needs to fill out documents confirming the health of the pet, as well as obtain the consent of colleagues to the neighborhood with the “shaggy friend”.

Mars says that 2-3 dogs a week stably roam the office corridors. They don’t deliver much trouble with their neighborhood, but they create positive and good karma.

In 2017, Nestle experts based on a survey said that in Russia about 8% of pet-friendly offices are in the EU at 12%.

In the office of Habr there is Bob. The pet belongs to Denis Kryuchkov, the founder of the project.

In the London office of Google such a Mustang roams. Stylish. Fashionable. Youth And not only there.

In the Fund for the Development of Internet Initiatives (IIDF), the Startup cat lived for a long time. After a year and a half of office life, the animal nevertheless went to the apartments of one of the employees.

In the Thai Aviasales office, the Kotor parrot once inhabited.

In the Rusbase office, Hooch roams quite often. The most formidable dog on Earth. It even has its hashtag # xu4. Belongs to the creator of the project founder – Maria Podlesnova. By the way, the rest of the publication’s employees are also not shy about bringing their favorites to the office.

At the MegaFon’s Moscow office, aquarium fish lived at one time. Despite their modest size, they delivered plenty of care.

Claws. Teeth. Wool

Obviously, in addition to those who like animals in the office, there are enough people who can't stand office pussies. In the United States, lawsuits are filed annually against pet owners and companies that have attacked people. Sometimes the defendants are individuals, and often employers who condone the occurrence of such incidents.

Animals can cause allergic reactions, damage office equipment, and cause conflicts between animal lovers and opponents. And infectious diseases, unfortunately, are not avoided by pets. That is why employers urge confirmation of the health of these human friends.

By the way, employers themselves quite often say that from the point of view of staff motivation, pet-friendly offices are not in the first place in the list of possible tools.

When I was working at, we were recording such a funny clip by the first of April.

You can even find my face in the frame. The actor from me is not very, of course. Do you have any animals in the office? Is it good or bad? Let's exchange opinions in the comments.

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