cassette interface, delicate noise, streaming wars and multiroom formats

At the end of the year, we talked about unusual muses. tools, streams and startups. We decided to continue the discussion, but at the same time dilute various materials about streaming with notes about productive work and amateur DIY solutions.

Photo: Nicolas J Leclercq.  Source:
Photo: Nicolas J Leclercq. Source:

Is noise necessary for a productive brain?… We analyze expert assessments and studies of this issue – from the experiments of Western scientists a decade ago to much more recent scientific works. Understanding how auditory attention, brain activity, and stress levels are related. Is it more difficult to concentrate in the presence of a musical background, how can complete silence be dangerous, and why “delicate noise“Is often a compromise solution: you will find a compact overview of the answers to all these questions in our material from World of Hi-Fi.

Reincarnating a Winamp renderer… Let’s talk about what a new wrapper for the legendary renderer called ProjectM has to offer. In fact, it is a port of the MilkDrop plugin, but with some peculiarities. We will tell you how he is doing with rendering, support for visualization formats and the availability of sources. Plus – we give examples of how the final “pictures” that come from the pen of ProjectM look, note a couple of similar solutions and talk about the applicability of such products in the era of audio streaming.

Streaming Wars “: the course of events… In a whole series of materials, we discuss how the situation is developing around streaming platforms, which have almost completely turned into the dominant players in the media market. Will they succeed mute DIY podcastswho will fight for increasing payments to musicianswhich means Apple and Spotify competitionwhether streaming affects on the appearance of covers albums, are there independent players in this niche, and what music industry prospects in general: we are discussing in the framework of several notes.

Photo: lilzidesigns.  Source:
Photo: lilzidesigns. Source:

DTS Play-Fi – what is it… Colleagues from “What Hi-Fi?” have sorted out this topic, so now it should be a little easier to get acquainted and get started with multi-room audio. From the essence of the term, the principles of the technology and devices that support this format, to high-definition music, voice control and support for streaming services – here is an overview of all the nuances necessary to start. Plus – marked alternative solutions for convenient synchronization and control of audio components.

Streaming video bitrate increased by 10% in a year… journalists shared some remarkable statistics, taking into account the data for the last couple of years. This is a study by Conviva. She has been studying video streaming services for over fifteen years. Here you will find her platform details [для смарт тв, консолей, настольных ПК, смарфонов, планшетов и так далее] and a diagram of the distribution of viewers’ attention depending on the brand of the device they are using. The information is completely ready for quick reference.

Not only streaming… As the final material for today’s collection, we chose a story about an enthusiast who recreated an old-school cassette interface. This is a real example of DIY thinking and an illustration of the fact that, in addition to generally available and convenient technologies, there are also quite interesting old solutions, moreover, quite suitable for work – each with its own limitations, albeit sometimes significant ones. In this case, modern components were used, but this did not lose the project in value and originality.

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