Cascadeur open beta test has started

Since the first announcement Cascadeur at the beginning of 2019, over 18,000 users took part in the closed beta testing of the program. Game and film animators have had over 12 months to try our toolbox.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the open beta test (OBT) of our animation program for physically correct animation of characters. Thanks to OBT, a wider range of users will be able to test and evaluate its capabilities.

“Cascadeur’s approach to animation makes it much easier to achieve precise body mechanics. Now I’m confident that physics-based animation tools will become the industry’s expected standard. “, – one of the first users of Cascadeur, animation director, shared his opinion Polyarc Richard Likowho previously worked on Destiny 2

Publisher Survey Nekki in April 2020, showed that 85% of beta users of Cascadeur consider it a tool that “will play an important role in their future projects.” January 2020 Nekki and Cascadeur were nominated for the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Award for Best Innovation and Best Tool Provider, a rare achievement for an unreleased product.

We have been working on the open beta version of Cascadeur for a year. Most of the changes may not be visible at first glance, but a global redesign of the entire architecture was made within the program. The main features of the new version include:

  • New architecture that makes Cascadeur much faster and more efficient

  • Rig improvements such as the ability to drag or rotate the center of mass without locking it and improved interpolation

  • Improvement of tools for creating a rig

The new architecture of Cascadeur will significantly speed up the development and optimization of the program. The next steps will include:

  • Further improvement of rigging, with the ability to create custom rigs

  • Python support for process automation

  • Beta version of the Graph Editor tool

To make the use of Cascadeur attractive to professional animators, Nekki Permits free commercial use of the beta. Any animation created in the OBT version of Cascadeur can be is free used in games and movies without prior permission Nekki

We want to show you the main features and tools of Cascadeur in a new 5-minute video:

You can get more information and download the OBT version of Cascadeur at

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