Can you feel the candidate, is he alive?

Each profession sooner or later has its own slang and newspeak. HR specialists are no exception. We asked HR managers from various IT companies to share their pearls and finds.

Recruiter Professional Slang:

one. Into the furnace = well this is a clear denial.
2. In the fridge = we will think.
3. Chief Popiar – Head of Public Relations.
4. If the candidate is still alive = if we have been interviewing a candidate for a long time and for one reason or another we could not hire him and returned to his candidacy a few months later.
5. If the candidate is still fresh = same as the previous paragraph.
6. Stabbed the candidate = refusal to the candidate.
7. Ride = schedule a meeting
eight. Burning candidate = with fire in the eyes and an awl in the pope.
9. The candidate hanged himself = candidate posted his resume on the working site.
ten. Candidate Excited = I liked the candidate very much, he should be quickly invited to the final interviews.
eleven. Extremely neutral = this is how candidate feedback can be cunningly encrypted, i.e. we do not take it.
12. Manager = manager.
thirteen. MHF = employee
14. Lucky man = the one we hired (this term is used more by recruiters).
15. Interview = have an interview.
sixteen. He does not want to delve into giblets = he is not ready to work with device.
17. Reception – This term is already used in the personnel department, when applying for a job.
18. Performance = activity, quality of work, indicators.
19. Serch = The process of finding candidates for a vacancy.
twenty. We have no purpose to fill up on his plus horses = well, everything is clear here, this means that we are interviewing the candidate not with the aim of overwhelming him and showing that he has poor experience in C ++ … but with the goal of understanding his experience, skills and potential.
21. Date fruit = financial director, state employee.
22. Ferrets = HoReCa specialists.
23. Convert your employee = grow your employee to the desired role.
24. Sobs = interview

Lines from resumes of applicants (spelling and punctuation saved):

1. “About myself – determination is a fully formed psychological concept and state of the result that is set for oneself, sociability consists in easy and calm communication with others, with no adrenaline rushing into the blood, with the presence of the ability to hear, focus on the result lies in everything new to me, in the absence of fear of going to new goals, in the absence of fear of change, being the first and the best! ”

2. Hello
I am the person you need!
(Call a spade a spade). Sometimes fate or chance gives us good cards – all that remains is to make the right move, or at least go with the right suit. Deeds, not words. A tree is known by its fruit. P.S. For me: Business is the salt of life.
3. Have experience of study.
4. Responsible ‚sociable‚ very creative and creative person. Easy to eat.
5. Last position: Middle candidate.

From communication with a recruitment agency:

– Elena, good afternoon. Can you feel the candidate, is he alive?
– “Felt” 🙂 The current project is coming to an end in the near future. I will be glad to resume communication.

P.S. Interestingly, what words and phrases do you use in your work? Share in the comments.

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