c.tech: Frontend Meetup # 2

On November 26, at the Odnoklassnikov office in St. Petersburg, approx. Tech: Frontend Meetup # 2 will be held.
Together with colleagues from Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and Hazelcast, we’ll talk about the new OK.RU frontend made on the React + Graal bundle, discuss whether “Lifting State Up”, one of the twelve key concepts in the official React documentation, can lead to poor performance, as well as We’ll find out a few stories about bugs and technical solutions that were made to deal with them.

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Under a cat theses of performances and the schedule.

React: Lifting state up is killing your app – Andrey Goncharov, Hazelcast


Have you heard about “lifting state up”? Can one of the twelve key concepts in React's official documentation lead to poor performance? As part of the report, we will make the simplest grid on React. Step by step we will analyze the arising productivity problems. We will see that sometimes O (1) is not fast enough. We will profile and refactor until the application runs better than you have time to say “React”

The Holy Grail: Running React in Java – Oleg Korovin, Classmates


There are many rumors about a mysterious and harsh site at Odnoklassniki. Many have heard that everything is done there in Java. Even the frontend. But what is really going on there? This report will tell you how it happened, what the problems were, and how the solution was found using the new GraalVM and React virtual machines. I will talk about:

  • Why we did not take NodeJS, Kotlin, Nashorn and other solutions
  • Why GraalVM was chosen
  • How does JS work in GraalVM and what are its benefits
  • How to build and run React in this configuration
  • What tasks appear and how to solve them
  • How to start a gradual migration, a huge project

Bugs you'll never meet – Tim Chaptykov, VK


We have a lot of VKontakte users, so often at first glance a minor bug can be unpleasant.
I’ll tell you a few stories about the bugs I encountered, about some technical solutions that are necessary taking into account our specifics, and I’ll try to convey how it feels to work as a VK front-end developer.

Report Schedule:

19:00 – 19:40 React: Lifting state up is killing your app – Andrey Goncharov, Hazelcast

19:40 – 20:30 The Holy Grail: Launching React in Java – Oleg Korovin, Classmates

20:30 – 21:00 Coffee Break
21:00 – 21:40 Bugs that you will never meet – Tim Chaptykov, VK

We are waiting for everyone who wants to talk with experts in the field of interface development at the meeting on November 26 at their St. Petersburg office.

Come, it will be interesting!

Register at approx Tech Frontend Meetup # 2

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