Broken Glass & Pixel

My brother came to me. Relax, see relatives, look at your hometown. And his rear window was smashed in his car. Right in the courtyard of our house. It’s unpleasant.

When he saw that the glass was broken, he began to look around and noticed that there were video surveillance cameras on the house. He called me and asked – how to use it, how to see what happened? I heard talk about these cameras, that they were going to be installed, but that they had already installed and did not know. Understood. It turned out that the video can be viewed and downloaded through my personal account with [сайта фирмы]… The car was parked from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning, only 35 hours and 20 minutes. It turned out 38 files for 30 and 50 minutes. For some reason, 60 minutes are not downloaded. Well, okay, all this needs to be reviewed. I went to work, and my brother was sitting at home at my computer and looking through these files. I will say right away that he did not see anything, but I found it. Because I am a programmer and he is not). He sat and looked at the monitor, and I wrote the program. He spent a total of probably about 15 hours fast forwarding, and I spent three weeks in the evenings after work. I didn’t count my watch.

My idea was simple. The alarm should have gone off. So, if you select a control point / pixel on the screen, trace it throughout the file / files, output the pixel values, for example, red bytes, to a PNG file in the form of a diagram, then you can see the time when it happened and see what happened … It worked halfway. I caught the moment when the alarm was turned on on the car, but nothing happens there. The alarm turned on, and why it turned on is unclear. I cut this piece of video, put it in the cloud and sent the link to my brother. He looked and saw nothing at all. It is true, it is difficult to discern the activation of the alarm. I had to explain where to look, only then I saw.

Why the glass was broken remains unclear. You need more video cameras and the ability to watch. Probably, the profession of “detective video programmer” will appear soon). Watching several hours, maybe tens of hours, from several cameras is a job. In detective series, such specialists are already appearing. Well, yes, several cameras, some hours of recording from each, only 20-30-50 hours of video in 15-30 minutes he watched. No matter how you have to write the program. Or ready to shaman.

Here is the diagram on which the alarm was triggered: (There are several such diagrams, but they are much easier to view than the files from which they were created).

A few more pictures:

Headlights from a passing car.
Headlights from a passing car.

In sunny weather, nothing is visible at all. If the alarm went off, then, probably, the actuation would be clearly visible, but what is happening behind the car is impossible to see at all. During the day, if the car is in the shade, it is seen worse than at night, it is not visible at all.

Screenshot of the program window with the loaded diagram at the moment of triggering.
Screenshot of the program window with the loaded diagram at the moment of triggering.

I stopped there, the program remained in this form, without icons, etc. In general, this is my first program for the UWP (Universal Windows Platform), my first acquaintance. Although, probably, such tasks are better solved in Python.

Repository, if someone is interested in an unfinished program

PS The glass has been replaced, my brother is joking – the new is even better, more beautiful.

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