Broadcom DX Operations Intelligence Umbrella Monitoring Webinar Announcement


We invite you this Friday (November 27) to take part in a webinar at which Broadcom representatives in Russia will present the new Digital Operational Intelligence (DX OI) umbrella monitoring system. During the session, we will talk about the main functions of the system and look at the main sections of the user interface. We will show you how you can leverage the DX OI functionality to deliver significant operational efficiency to IT departments, enabling them to make faster and better decisions to improve IT and business services through cross-domain contextual analysis.

The foundation of DX OI is a modern distributed cloud architecture. The solution implements Machine Learning mechanisms over all incoming data both from Broadcom domain solutions and from third-party systems via REST API, such as Zabbix, SCOM and other popular systems. The main function of DX OI is to create a full-fledged resource and service model (PCM) based on configuration units (KE) that fill the inventory base when integrating with third-party systems. An important feature of DX OI is the ability to predict the failure of KE in the future and assess the degree of its impact on service availability.

For application owners and business units, the DX OI reveals service availability and quality in the context of not only IT technology metrics, but also business KPIs derived from end-user transactional statistics.

The webinar will take place on November 27 at 11 am Moscow time on the Zoom platform.

Registration for the webinar

→ Learn more about the system (article on Habré)

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