Botzees – a robot designer for the smallest with augmented reality and kind eyes

Fantastic and semi-fantastic designs, elements similar to Lego and AirPods, simple controls via a smartphone and a bit of AR. Pretty curious mix from the company we know. More details inside.

Robot Botzees It is positioned as an educational toy for children from 4 years old. In its structure, it is a constructor that develops motor skills and mindfulness. There are simple commands in the Blockly language, which are actively integrated into devices of such a plan. And as a gaming component – management and AR-card.

On the box is the logo of PAI Technology – a company that is remembered for its smart Rubik’s Cube, the basis of the “smart functions” of which were also augmented reality technologies.


Two applications for iOS and Android have been announced for Botzees.

  • Botzees EDU (Android/IOS) This application is training: here are instructions for assembling the constructor, an introduction to the functions and commands of the robot. As well as space for creating your own robot behavior algorithm.

  • Botzees AR (Android/IOS) The second application is more gaming. With it, you can simply control the robot, as well as go through simple quests with elements of augmented reality. In some features, applications can replace each other: for example, both there and there are assembly instructions and the ability to control the robot.

Normal control, as you can see, is pretty straightforward. The speed of the robot can also be adjusted: this is done on the central scale between the controls forward / backward-left / right.

Couple of comments

When controlling the robot, you can watch on the display if it is in range, of course. With the usual “pokatushki” around the house, obviously, this feature will not be very popular: it is implemented for games in the AR format.

Games are simple and short tasks, which are also based on robot control, but on a virtual map and with familiarity with different characters.

How to connect a robot

Botzees applications have a fairly clear hint system. It is also worth noting that there is only one main electronic component – this is the largest square with a button, a diode strip and connectors for connecting some elements.

In fact, the robot can first be connected, and then assembled. However, in this case, in a gaming sense, it will be completely useless, as you understand.

The Botzees kit includes a fair amount of 127 large blocks to create 8 different models from the same parts in series. That is, to create the next robot – you need to parse the previous one.

It is curious, but also in a number of reviews, descriptions, as well as on the box – “6 in 1” is still listed. However, the application offers 8 instructions for 8 different models, respectively.

So, to connect the robot you need to follow the instructions. For example, in the AR application, they simply assume switching on by pressing a single button.

The further process will be performed automatically: the smartphone will see the robot, they will connect, and you just have to scan Botzees to continue the game.

The robot has built-in sound effects. To control the volume, the robot must be connected in the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone.

How to assemble a robot

In the box you will find 127 elements, including wheels and electronic components. Visually, there is an explicit reference to Lego, however, this model is not compatible with any of the Lego types. At first, it seemed like Duplo would do – it didn’t.

During the assembly process of one model, not all elements may be involved. However, collecting the second model will still fail: the main module is one for all. It is curious, but it is impossible to collect immediately who you want. Initially, only the “main” robot is open.

What is the conceptual background of such a decision is not obvious. But first, it was proposed to assemble the Botzi. Probably for some basic training. As soon as the robot is assembled, and you have passed the first management recommendations, all constructor models are opened for assembly.

The process itself will be presented on the display step by step.

The number of assembly steps, as well as elements, is different in each figure.

In the final, you will get a toy that you can control or which you can program for funny teams.

Well, or in our case:

General impressions

Visually, the toy looks very decent, all elements are smooth, even, pleasant to the touch.

As a constructor, this is a simple model. Toys are pretty quick and easy to assemble. Despite the fact that 8 models are proposed, you can assemble anything: the main thing is to put it on the base module and not forget about the wheels.

As for the design, that is, a curious observation. For example, a number of promotional materials relating to these robots indicate that he is so good that he was even accepted into the official Apple Store. In this sense, and in detail, the “zakos for Apple” is visible …

For example, what is this if not a case from AirPods:

Otherwise, everything works smoothly, it connects quickly. There are features with the operation of applications, for example, at some points it is literally impossible to go back: you have to complete the process. But this is not very annoying.

Such a robot is worth about 10 000 rubles.

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