both mRNA vaccines are “cell and gene therapy” injections in disguise

The World Health Summit was held in Berlin from 24 to 26 October. In front of 6,000 attendees from 120 countries President of the Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division Stefan Oelrich reported that both mRNA “vaccines” from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are not vaccines at all, but rather disguised injections of “cell and gene therapy” (source –

He explained that if these injections were marketed as they really are, Bayer would have received 95% of these injections bounced back, but the pandemic and the marketing of injections as “vaccines” made them popular with the general public.

“Our successes in these 18 months [продолжительность “пандемии” COVID] support us to focus fully on access, innovation and collaboration to open health to all, especially now as we enter a new era of science – many are talking about biorevolution in this context, ”Elrich continued to brag at the event. Although the only reason for this “success” is that Big Pharma gets away with the lies about what it is and what they supposedly do.

In addition to gene therapy and the biological “revolution,” Erich mentioned that his company, along with other well-known institutions and figures, is promoting contraception in developing countries.

He advocated depopulating the planet by distributing additional contraceptives to “another hundred million women” around the world. “This year, we invested 400 million in new factories for the production of long-acting contraceptives for women in low- and middle-income countries,” he explained. Adding: “Together with Bill and Melinda Gates, we are working very closely on family planning initiatives.”

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