Bookmarks – Counting is Over


Last week, we started counting bookmarks in our browsers, and now it’s time to announce the results. Under the cut – different pictures and a few words.

In total in the survey conducted on Habré and in official blog, attended by 655 people. This is relatively small, but the overall picture of the answers is quite in line with expectations:

Poll in the official blog

Poll on Habré

Combined data

In general, the distribution of user preferences is quite even, and this is very pleasing to the developers: we see that with any number of bookmarks, users do not feel much difference in the browser and do not limit themselves to anything. We will try to achieve similar results with other functions, because, to paraphrase a well-known expression, a good browser is one that you do not notice while working on the network.

Thank you all for the answers and see you tomorrow.

Photo from Eric Prouzet

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