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The author of the original article has collected repositories, which, according to him, should be in the bookmarks of every software developer. The selection starts with a repository of free books on programming, including in Russian, includes a repository with a large number of concise, informative cheat sheets for various languages ​​and technologies, .gitignore file templates, as well as repositories dedicated to specific languages, a design repository for developers, and more. several code repositories that may be interesting and useful to Habr’s readers. We decided to share the translation of this article by the start of the course about Frontend development

Over the past few years, GitHub has become more than just a version control system. This is a place where developers collaborate, invest in code – and this forms a strong community, a huge network among developers, and at the same time finding repositories useful to many has been difficult.

According to Wikipedia, on GitHub registered over 40 million users and over 190 million repositories downloaded, making it the world’s largest repository of source code. With such a huge amount of code, it is difficult to find the most useful repositories, so I have compiled a list of GitHub repositories that will help you learn and grow as a software developer.

Free Programming Books

  • Link

  • Stars: 193 thousand

  • Forks: 42.7k

This repository is dedicated to many languages ​​and contains sections of free online courses, interactive coding resources, problem sets, competitive coding content, and podcasts and coding sandboxes. Most of the resources are devoted to programming books, the repository is constantly updated.

Coding Interview University

  • Link.

  • Stars: 179 thousand

  • Forks: 48.4k

John Washam, a software engineer at Amazon, originally created this repository as a short list of topics to learn to become a software engineer, but over time, the repository has gotten bigger and better. For those looking to pursue a career at FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google), this repository is gold.

Developer Roadmap

  • Link

  • Stars: 163 thousand

  • Forks: 23.5k

Another brilliant repository that I recently discovered, and I was simply amazed when I saw a detailed infographic with a roadmap that gives advice on what technologies, tools or programming languages ​​to work with to become Frontend, Backend or DevOps engineer.

Gitignore: A Collection of .gitignore Templates

  • Link.

  • Stars: 120 thousand

  • Forks: 66k

At first I hesitated whether to include this repository in the collection, but later I bookmarked it. This is a collection of useful .gitignore templates. When you create a new repository, .gitignore is needed to filter out files that shouldn’t go into it. Java, Python, Rails and many other languages ​​and technologies are supported.

Awesome Python (awesome Python)

  • Link.

  • Stars: 99.4 thousand

  • Forks: 19.3k

This repository contains a large number of great Python frameworks, libraries and tools. The list covers questions about deep learning, DevOps tools, debugging tools, and more; The resource will be useful to all beginners and experienced Python developers.

The Art of Command Line

  • Link.

  • Stars: 91.8 thousand

  • Forks: 10 thousand

This is one of the best repos I have found. Fluency in the command line is a skill that is often neglected or considered abstruse, but it makes you more flexible and more productive as an engineer. There are obvious and non-obvious reasons for this.

Follow the link for a selection of useful Linux notes and tips for using the command line. This repository is simply necessary for developers: at some point each of us has to work on Linux.

30 seconds of code

  • Link

  • Stars: 77 thousand

  • Forks: 8.4K

The repository contains short pieces of JavaScript, CSS, Python, Git code for development needs. The repository team has also created a website that explains each piece of code.

Awesome Machine Learning

  • Link.

  • Stars: 50.4 thousand

  • Forks: 12.5k

This repository is a list of amazing machine learning frameworks, libraries, and software. The repository documentation is one of the best I’ve found. It provides an extremely succinct yet detailed look at all languages ​​used for deep learning, natural language processing, general machine learning, data visualization, and more.

Big List of Naughty Strings

  • Link.

  • Stars: 40.7 thousand

  • Forks: 1.9K

The repository is a growing list of strings that are highly likely to cause problems if entered by the user; the resource helps with automated and manual testing. This is where you find the input strings that always give the user an unpleasant experience.

Design Resources for Developers

  • Link.

  • Stars: 29.9 thousand

  • Forks: 6.8K

This is a list of design and UI resources: stock photos, web templates, CSS frameworks, UI libraries and tools, and more. A resource that will be useful to front-end developers, created by famous on Youtube instructor Brad Traverse.

Awesome Java (beautiful Java)

  • Link.

  • Stars: 28.9 thousand

  • Forks: 6.2K

The repository is a list of amazing Java frameworks, libraries, and other software. This was one of the first repositories that I bookmarked: I am actively working with Java in my corporate projects. For aspiring Java developers, this resource is a real klondike.

Awesome JavaScript

  • Link.

  • Stars: 23.8 thousand

  • Forks: 3.4K

This repository is a collection of great browser JavaScript libraries, resources, and other great things that will be useful for both beginner and seasoned JavaScript developers.

Awesome Cheatsheets

  • Link.

  • Stars: 20.6 thousand

  • Forks: 3.4K

A collection of cheat sheets for all popular languages, frameworks, and programming tools that include everything a developer needs to know in a single file. These cheat sheets will make your life a lot easier.

Awesome Kubernetes (awesome Kubernetes)

  • Link

  • Stars: 11.7 thousand

  • Forks: 1.8k

A repository for everything Kubernetes-related, with hand-curated articles on not only Kubernetes, but Sketchnotes and more.

Awesome GCP Certifications

  • Link.

  • Stars: 1.6 thousand

  • Forks: 604

Useful for those preparing for the Google Cloud Associate and Professional certification exams. This is a list of best practices, as well as other people’s experiences with blog certification. Of course, steps are given to prepare for the cloud exam.

For years, GitHub has been one of the best places to learn. I hope these repositories are useful to you, you can use them to solve your problems. I’m sure you’ve come across other great repositories. You can leave links to other repositories useful to Habr’s readers in the comments; If you want to share your findings with the author of the article, you can find a link to the original publication at the top. And if you want to try the repositories from the selection in practice, you can pay attention to our course on Frontend developmentwhere students receive all the knowledge they need to start a front-end career.

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