Bolder on New Years

Khabrovites, please accept our congratulations on the upcoming 2021! Take care not to burn out, trying to close the deadlines and prepare everything for New Year’s Eve. It may be important for you to hear it, but this time you can definitely meet it in a simple way. Just throw a garland in a lump, let it burn.

It is possible without a tree. No tinsel. No tape on the windows and on the wall. Leave the bags with boxes on the mezzanine to gather dust until next new year.

Without running around the shopping center, do not look for “the same” for others. Instead, finally allow yourself what has long been postponed.

It is possible without packaging, in a regular T-shirt bag.

You can just cups, without any glasses. But the most delicious of the stocks. To clink glasses deliciously in a big way, pouring salads.

You can do it without heels. Without a parade, in your favorite sweatshirt, dressing gown, that very T-shirt, which became almost a second skin in a year.

No pickles. Cook in half an hour from what was left the day before in supermarkets. You can even eat all the delicacies in the morning without any feasts, right in the kitchen.

Needless to say, “this year has been difficult for all of us.” Do not count the chimes.

You don’t have to buy firecrackers, caps and sparklers. Do not include New Year songs.

You can not call anyone, not pick up the phone, not send congratulations, not answer “you too.”

It is possible in laughter and tears of relief, and incredulous “Is it over for sure?”

We wish everyone to find what you need most now. Your goal. New opportunities. Dream job. Love. Courage and strength to act. Friends. The missing favorite sock. Solution to the problem. Hope.

Thanks to everyone who was with us this year: read articles, participated in events, attended training, taught, shared their experience in the community.

We are waiting for you refreshed after the holidays – to master new heights of skill.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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