Black secrets of Black Friday: mind vs emotion

The voice of reason: The world is going crazy, two months one Friday!
The voice of emotion: Headphones with 40% discount. We take. Shut up.

Have you noticed how over the years “Black Friday” has ceased to be one discount day in November and lasted for a week, and now – for months? Target, Amazon, Walmart and domestic retailers have begun luring shoppers with black discounts since October. They want to prevent pandemic pandemic, but a couple of years ago, the coronavirus was not mad, and there was already a trend to extend.

The voice of reason: We don’t need these headphones. And the discount can be increased.
The voice of emotion: You are too careful. Let’s miss the benefit!

Now let’s tell you how the world is going crazy, and add our own madness: in Madrobots, the traditional sale has also begun.

The voice of emotion: What luck, the latest discounted monitor model!
The voice of reason: This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Take a closer look at what brand?

Fakes and low-quality goods fly off the shelves under the pretext of discounts like hot cakes. As Chris Heinonen, author of the popular tech blog The Wirecutter, notes, these products may be good, but you don’t know until you buy. This is the case with imitations of the popular XD Design Bobby backpack. They wrinkle, poorly sewn and do not protect against theft. Therefore, the original manufacturer introduced serial code tagswhich can be checked on the manufacturer’s website

Have XD Design Bobby Hero Backpacks from our online store you will find both the tag and the code. Therefore, the backpacks are dense, serve for a long time, and are sewn with high quality. The series contains three original models in different sizes: 11.5-liter Small, 18 liter Regular and 21-liter XL… Each – for your laptop.

The small one will fit a compact gadget with a diagonal of up to 13.3 inches, and the large one – already a working 17-inch machine.

Why do people love Bobby Hero? Do not cut through, do not pierce. Do not open without the owner’s approval while hanging on the back. There is an external USB port to charge your smartphone on the go from the power bank inside. They are also made from recycled materials, but this is for connoisseurs of green consumption. The main thing: real. And the discount is real, 20% without a promo code.

The voice of emotion: There are so many good reviews for this gadget! We take!
The voice of reason: And all are written in the same strange way …

The UK Consumer Association is sounding the alarm: during the first lockdown, the number of fake reviews on Amazon increased by 30%. They are all positive, and are often repeated for both the printer and smartwatch. They can be detected with the naked eye, but this is until artificial intelligence has learned to convincingly embellish reality.

The Picooc smart scale does not have this problem due to its good price / performance ratio. Confirmation – satisfied reviews from buyers on marketplaces and app stores.

Picooc S1 Pro dozens of user metrics are measured, including weight, body fat, muscle, water and bone mass. The app then analyzes the data: you eat a lot, exercise little, or your weight is okay. The output is advice and a forecast of what will happen to the body. Everything is in Russian. Useful for athletes, losing weight or fans of healthy lifestyle. 33% discount without promo code will not make your wallet “lose weight”.

The voice of emotion: We want this, this and this.
The voice of reason: But I don’t see a discount.

The main psychological trick of Black Friday is to make the buyer fork out for New Year’s shopping, using discounts as bait. Maybe buy something at full price, or at least confuse the rules of the shares.

Good thing on iLUXE 4 in 1 wine set 15% discount is applied automatically. This is not a trinket: the beautiful package contains an electric screwdriver, aerator, a foil cutter and a reusable stopper. Everything you need to enjoy a bottle of good wine, but not all at once. Stylish Italian design: a must have for the upcoming holidays.

The voice of emotion: Ay, everyone! We take!
The voice of reason: Wait fools, this isn’t Apple!

The manipulation is simple, like everything ingenious: to name the product in tune with the iPhone and other Apple brands in order to stand out from the competition, especially during sales. Now it doesn’t exactly make anyone stand out, nor does the minimalistic design. The past product can be scolded for this trick.

The next gadget is not named with an “i”. The Chipolo One smart keychain is a case where a smart idea stands out and saves, not marketing. The plastic round clings to the keys, backpack or wallet, and then connects to the smartphone via the application. Now, if you press a button on your smartphone, the key fob will beep at 120 dB. It is worth pressing twice on the key fob, and the smartphone will ring, and even in silent mode. This is necessary to quickly find lost things. And no gimmicks! Chipolo One set of four will save the most absent-minded person. 50% discount without promo code pleases the soul.

The voice of emotion: Oh, Polaroid makes speakers!
The voice of reason: I doubt that a photograph will come out of there.

The once powerful tech companies have collapsed. Now, under the Polaroid brand, they produce Chinese electronics, and Kodak is, among other things, car chargers. But some, on the contrary, have grown, and from exercises have risen to experimental and not very gadgets. This is Anker.

Fully wireless headphones Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Equipped with diamond coated drivers and TPU membrane. In practice, you get a balanced sound and 7 hours of battery life: Anker’s legacy is evident. With the charging case, you get all 28 hours. 25% discount with promo code BF20.

Popping out of your ears is free, as with all TWS earbuds.

Have children’s carpentry PLAYmake There are no problems with recognition, because the brand is widely known in a narrow circle of craftsmen. This toy processes softwood blanks. The machine is reassembled: for this it has a lathe, jigsaw, drilling and grinding modules, plus a 12-watt electric motor. The jigsaw has a short stroke so it does not injure your fingers. 25% discount – no promo code.

The voice of reason: Do I need this gadget that promises to change my life for the better?
The voice of emotion: Take two, you can’t go wrong.

Researchers from consumer associations always recommend that you research the device you are planning to buy in advance. Back in 2016, 18% of buyers did not read any reviews and bought blindly.

FROM Petoneer Fresco Mini Plus you can take the risk and rely on advertising. This is a fountain drinking bowl for cats and dogs of small and medium breeds. The gadget connects to Wi-Fi and monitors the quality of water, removing hardness salts, chlorine, wool and unpleasant odors. You need to attach only an animal to the drinker, your own. An overview of the entire Petoneer ecosystem, including new smart cat toys and automatic fresheners, is on the way. In the meantime – 20% discount, no promo code.

The voice of emotion: Finally, let’s burn the tree.
The voice of reason: Why not? We will not burn, but we will ignite.

Smart Garlands Twinkly Strings on 100, 250, 400 LEDs and connect to the app and customize in detail: no random glow, just tastefully selected animation from the gallery. Up to 15% discount, also without a promo code.

Black Friday at Madrobots runs from November 23rd to December 6th. Look for more great deals on our special page… Some products are already on sale at a discount, some – by promo code BF20… Have a good shopping and let reason prevail.

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