Biometrics, voice personalization, NLU and speech analytics: what will be discussed at the conference Conversations

June 21 and 22 in St. Petersburg (and online) will be Conversational AI conference Conversations… The developer stream will focus on conversational lego – technologies around conversational AI that make up chatbots, voice assistants, and conversational solutions. Voice personalization from Yandex Speechkit, dialogue management strategy from DeepPavlov, speech analytics platform of Tinkoff Bank, voice biometrics from SberDevices, analysis and markup of intents when creating voice bots from X5 Retail Group and other tools – here’s what else you can get to know at Conversations V.

Presentation on conversational UI life hacks at Conversations'19: how to make a bot and not make a user angry
Presentation on conversational UI life hacks at Conversations’19: how to make a bot and not make a user angry

The conference will be held for two days – Business Day (June 21) and Technology Day (June 22). The online ticket gives you access to a two-day stream!

Technology Day will open Conversational Lego sectiondedicated to the technologies that underlie various conversational solutions – from chatbots with NLU to pumped voice assistants.

Who will speak and what will they talk about?

  • Finding meaning in the ocean of data: analyzing and marking up intents when creating voice bots. Anton Klenitsky, X5 Retail Group

  • Brand voice. Why do we need voice personalization technologies and how they work. Nikita Tkachev, Yandex.Cloud

  • The biometric boom: how technology helps us in our daily lives. Stanislav Milikh, SberDevices

  • Dialogue management strategy: how to make a chatbot smarter and more voluminous using discourse management. Danila Kornev, CPO, DeepPavlov

  • Features of speech recognition algorithms and their impact on user experience. Nikolay Shmyrev, CEO, Technology Center

  • How to design a conversational interface for multilingual bots. Brielle nickoloff, Cofounder & Head of Product, Botmock.

More names and themes on the Conversations site!

There is also a section on voice assistants awaiting developers at Technology Day, where Yandex, SberDevices, Mail.Ru Group will talk about new features of Alice, Marusya and the Salyut family. For example, Alexey Fivintsev from will show you how you can profit from developing voice skills for Marusya using the integration of Marusya with VKontakte.

And the section “Partners in AI: how to make money on conversational solutions” will tell you how a developer can become an entrepreneur, how to come up with and monetize scenarios for various business problems and industries.

In general, there will be a lot of interesting things! One ticket stream – two days of expertise, access to the networking application and all conference materials. You can follow the news in the official telegram channel Conversations

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