Big virtual conference: Real-world experience in protecting data from modern digital companies

Hello, Habr! Tomorrow, April 8, there will be a large virtual conference at which leading industry experts will discuss data protection issues in the realities of modern cyber threats. Business representatives will share methods of dealing with new dangers, and service providers will talk about why cyber defense services help optimize resources and save money. For those wishing to participate – a detailed description of the program of the event, as well as a link to free registration under the cut.


In our past posts, we have already talked about why traditional backups have died. Without additional protection against intellectual threats, without the use of cloud technologies and heuristic algorithms, backups can be just as corrupted by viruses and encryptors, and this is only one of the many problems of modern companies.

We have prepared a virtual conference, which will take place on April 8 at 16:00 Moscow time (2:00 BST). The two-hour event will include two panel discussions: “Why obsolete backup systems cannot withstand modern cyber threats”, as well as “Framework for SMB and NIST: why not only corporations need cyber protection”.

Both Acronis representatives and company executives who have chosen a cyber defense strategy will speak at the event. Among them:

  • Christelle Heikkila, CIO of FC Arsenal,
  • Richard Tubb, IT Business Development Expert,
  • Bertil Brendeke, Acronis Vice President, Cloud Europe,
  • Stepán Bínek, Cloud Product Manager at Zebra,
  • Candid Wuest, vice president of Acronis Cyber ​​Protection Research,
  • James Air James R. Slaby, Director of Cyber ​​Protection at Acronis,
  • William Despard, Managing Director, Teknov8 Africa
  • Clare Satchwell, Product and Marketing Manager at Vuzion.

Business representatives will talk about the threats and problems that they have encountered in recent years. In particular, Kristel Heikkila, IT Director of FC Arsenal, will share the experience of moving from disparate security systems to a single solution. The heads of service providers will talk about introducing cyber protection services (cyber defense + hybrid backup) and explain why, after switching to new technologies, the load on the technical support service has decreased, the number of tickets has decreased and profit has increased.

Also during our conference, the first public demonstration of Acronis Cyber ​​Protection Cloud in Europe will be held. The new solution is an integrated system with AI functions. The cloud service combines modern backup, malware protection and security management technologies, including vulnerability assessment, patch delivery control, URL filtering and so on. Ronan McCurtin, Acronis Vice President of Northern Europe and Nikolai Churkin, Acronis Solution Engineer, will talk about all the features of the system, its benefits for businesses and service providers. The emphasis will be on unique features and cases that were previously impossible in the framework of a single service or product.

Join now to our event. The abundance of information and the availability of practical experience is guaranteed! And to make you not only interested, but also pleased, prizes from FC Arsenal will be drawn among the participants!

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