Become a programmer in 4 months without SMS and registration

I think that many here have come across the fact that it is impossible to find a normal specialist for a vacancy, moreover, candidates who seem to be formally able to do something and fit the requirements – a dime a dozen, but they

  • They don’t know any fundamentals (and they know applied things superficially)

  • They do not want to understand and learn anything

  • Want to work from 11 to 6 with a break for lunch

  • They want 300kk money per second for all this

An example of such a situation is in a recent article about the search for a devops, where this phenomenon is perfectly described. But, I think, the problem is very much non-devops-specific. And it seems that I know one of the reasons for what is happening. We go to skillbox and see what they have there for teaching programming. Disclaimer: I’m not (anti)advertising this particular platform, it’s the same plus or minus everywhere, just to illustrate. So what do we see there:

  1. Java developer. You will learn how to program in Java from scratch and create web applications using the Spring framework. Employment after 6 months.

  2. C++ developer from scratch. You will master the legendary programming language from scratch: write a search engine, your own and gain teamwork skills. Duration 7 months.

  3. Software architect. You will get acquainted with the tools and best practices for building software architecture. Duration 4 months.

  4. Getting Started in DevOps: System Administration for Beginners. You will learn how to administer Linux, set up web servers, and keep websites up and running. Duration 4 months.

  5. Full stack developer. On the course, you will learn from scratch how to create turnkey websites in PHP, Python or JavaScript. You can start a career as a fullstack specialist in an IT studio or as a freelancer. 7 months before employment.

Well, in this style. They promise to make a data scientist in 9 months, an architect in 4. I know people who have been working for 20 years and still have not reached the architectural level and probably never will. And here in 4 months! Miracle-wonderful.

Of course, I’m not going to say that it is… the only one the source of the evil that we are seeing, but it seems that all these courses have given rise to a monster called “Specialist Completed Courses”. That is, a person who seriously believes that if they explained to him how to write for and how the interface differs from a transsexual, then he has some kind of solid expertise in this area. The question of whether it is possible to figure out in 6, 7 or even 9 months how the OS manages memory, how the processor is arranged, what network protocols are and in what places multi-threaded races can create problems, we leave rhetorical.

Perhaps I will say a seditious thing, but it is not their fault that they believe that they are specialists. After all, in the description of the course it was written that this is so. Man, you wrote, how many people do you know who also wrote You are incomparable! I’m exaggerating, of course, but that’s the way it is. If a person comes from the street, he just does not know about the existence the fundamental that he was not taught. The goal of the course is to teach in the shortest possible time (so as not to scare away potential customers) something that will seem like a profession, even if viewed from a distance and through a squint. The authors of the course have no (well, not at all, from the word at all) the task of opening before the poor fellow the abyss of knowledge that is inaccessible to them. So people won’t sign up.

You should also not forget that IT has not been the lot of red-eyed fanatics and enthusiasts for a long time (well, 10 years for sure). This is a sirious business where savvy parents try to send their child so that she then earns a lot of money, and slightly less savvy adults go there for money from areas where they were far less lucky. Therefore, expect that consumers of educational courses will then show some outstanding interest in fundamental things – naively. Someone will probably, but in the mass – very unlikely.

You can criticize the university education system a lot, with its soviet legacy, a bunch of unnecessary nonsense in the curricula and teachers who themselves do not know what they teach and what needs to be taught, but still they at least try to immerse a person in the fundamental. And it seems that there is simply no sane alternative to this. Professions need to be taught, moreover, for a long time. Not 4 months or even 7. If not at a university, then in a company on internships.

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