Batteries Goodhelper Alkaline: the bottom is broken

A few years ago, alkaline (alkaline) batteries of any brand could be safely bought – even the cheapest ones differed in capacity from the most expensive ones in the worst case by one and a half times. Now everything has changed.

Cheap Goodhelper brand batteries appeared on marketplaces. I bought them and studied them.

The packaging indicates the manufacturer Jovis Battery and the importer NTT LLC (apparently, this is the owner of the Goodhelper brand). Production date is January 2021, “use by” is January 2031.

The first thing I do when testing batteries is weigh them. A typical AA alkaline battery should weigh 22-24 grams (salt 13-17 grams), AAA alkaline batteries should weigh 11-12 grams (salt 7-9 grams).

Goodhelper AA batteries weigh 17.3-17.6 grams, AAA – 8.3-8.9 grams. This clearly indicates that the capacity of these batteries cannot be the same as that of “full” alkaline batteries.

It could even be assumed that salt batteries are sold under the guise of alkaline batteries (this has already happened – Ergolux PROMO salt batteries were sold in Svetofor stores, on which it was written that they were Alkaline, I wrote about this), but salt batteries have two obvious a sign is an increased initial voltage (1.64 – 1.66 V, and for alkaline 1.58 – 1.64 V) and a relief negative contact. The initial voltage at Goodhelper was 1.60 – 1.62 V, and the minus is flat (on the sides in the photo are salt batteries for example).

These batteries belong to the recently introduced ECO-Alkaline class (batteries of reduced capacity, I wrote about them). Previously, I only met economy batteries in AA format, and now AAA has appeared.

Using the analyzer of chemical current sources “Yarostanmash ASK2.5.10.8“I tested two copies of the batteries in two modes:

– discharge with a current of 100 mA to 0.7 V. The test shows what maximum energy the battery can give;
– Discharge up to 0.9 V with a resistance equivalent of 3.9 Ohm (AA) or 5.1 Ohm (AAA). This test shows how batteries are suitable for powerful loads (toys with motors, blood pressure monitors and other medical equipment).

For comparison, I added to the tables previously obtained test results for Energizer Alkaline, GP Super, FLARX Alkaline alkaline batteries and GP Greencell EHD salt batteries.

AA batteries.

As expected based on the weight, Goodhelper batteries have a significantly lower capacity than “full-weight” batteries, but higher than saline batteries, they also do not withstand heavy loads well and provide more than half the energy compared to GP Super or Energizer Alkaline.

For clarity, I made a diagram with the average values ​​​​of stored energy in mWh of two copies of the batteries. Blue columns – discharge with a current of 100 mA to 0.7 V, red columns – discharge with a resistance equivalent of 3.9 Ohm to 0.9 V.

AAA batteries.

The results I got when testing Goodhelper AAA batteries seemed so strange to me that I additionally tested two batteries, so in the table the data is for three copies in each test and the difference is shown between the best and worst copy.

In addition to the very low capacity, which for the worst Goodhelper specimens turned out to be lower than that of salt batteries, and the extremely poor load capacity, the huge difference between the specimens in one pack attracts attention – the worst and the best differ by almost three times! This indicates an extremely low level of production.

In this case, it makes no sense to present the average values ​​of the instances on the diagrams, therefore, on the diagram, the values ​​​​of stored energy in mW for the worst and best Goodhelper instances and the average values ​​​​for the rest of the batteries. Blue columns – discharge with a current of 100 mA to 0.7 V, red columns – discharge with a resistance equivalent of 5.1 Ohm to 0.9 V.

Before, when I tested the worst alkaline batteries, I always said that they are still better than salt ones and if they are cheaper, it is better to buy them. Now I can say the same about Goodhelper AA, as for Goodhelper AAA, it’s better to choose something else.

Peace for everyone!

© 2022, Alexey Nadezhin

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