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Hello everyone!

We are announcing the start of open-source collaboration between Avito and Kaspersky Lab – Avokado. The main goal of this project is to develop tools that simplify the life of mobile developers.

We sincerely believe in synergy, and that 1 + 1 can give a total of more than two. We believe that a group of people with a common goal can achieve more than single people. What is worth sharing experience, knowledge and tools, because in return you get more than you give. This is the essence of open-source.

Who are we?

We are a group of engineers with extensive experience in mobile development. We remember the second Android, the appearance of fragments, what Holo looked like and how Material pushed it off the stage. We believe that together we can create useful and effective tools.


Sergey Boishtyan, Software Engineer

He works at Avito in a team that deals with the CI infrastructure for Android applications. Writes Gradle plugins and a framework for testing.

Dmitry Voronin, Android engineer

Has been working at Avito since 2014, has been working on CI / CD in Android since 2016.

Evgeny Krivobokov, Android engineer

I got into Android development in 2013. Two years later he moved to Avito. Gradually, he focused more on platform development. Helped other engineers with common tools, building the application. Since 2018, he has been engaged in testing tools and CI.

Egor Kournikov, Android engineer

In Android development since 2016. Android engineer at Yandex, in the past at Kaspersky Lab and Sberbank. One of the developers of the Kaspresso framework.

Eugene Matsyuk, Software Expert at Kaspersky Lab, Google Developer Expert

He picks up the development and himself at 5 in the morning. Author of articles and reports on Android development, organizer of meetings, workshops and academies. The author of the architectural Cookbook. One of the authors of the framework Kaspresso. He believes in a bright future with self-tests and promises heaven on Earth with them.

Ruslan Mingaliev, Android Engineer

Has been developing Android apps since 2013. Senior software engineer at Kaspersky Lab. One of the authors of the Kaspresso framework, the contributor of Avito Android Open Source.

Daniil Popov, Android Engineer

In Android development since 2012. He is currently involved in the infrastructure of the Android project in Avito. Prior to that, he worked at Mail.ru and taught mobile development at the Technopark.

What we are ready to offer now

All our actions will be divided into our site. The most interesting sections are “Products” and “Activities”.
Look at the developments that we can already offer the world:

What’s next?

Our priority area is autotests. Over the past couple of years, the community has taken a big step forward in the world of UI tests, but there is still no single picture. Engineers still spend a lot of time setting up tools and auto-testing processes.

Therefore, now the main task of Avokado is to create the very same picture, a product that will allow you to deploy auto-tests in any project in a conditional 15 minutes. All this applies to the product “Autotests”. Our next article will be devoted to them.

“I also want to participate in this movement”

You can learn about the project and help us in various ways:

  • Keep up with updates and information. on our website and in official chat.
  • Vote for topics, which I would like to read and listen to.
  • Write to any of the team members, offer help and your ideas. We will be glad of this.


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