Automatic backup of disks in Yandex Cloud (with deletion of old versions)

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Something bothered me to manually make backups of one project, and having driven away laziness, and gathering my will into a fist, I decided to automate this business.

I used this as a base original article from Yandex blog (view it first to understand what is at stake below).

But since I was too lazy to bother with zipping the archive, as described in the article, I simply copied the script into the script editor:

Don’t forget to create a file package.json something like this content:

  "name": "snappy-yc",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "description": "",
  "main": "index.js",
  "author": "bogdoslavik",
  "license": "ISC",
  "dependencies": {
    "yandex-cloud": "^1.3.3"

Version is important here. "yandex-cloud": "^1.3.3" for Node.js 12.

After testing the script, I made sure that it works, and created a trigger to run this function on a schedule.

But! My lazy nature understood that I would still have to manually delete old snapshots: new ones would not be created after the quota for the total size of snapshots or their number was exceeded.

Therefore, I again took my will into a fist, and decided to bring the holy backup business to the end.

Without going into details about a little fuss with created_at snapshot stored in magic format google.protobuf.timestamp this simple script was born:

const ycsdk = require("yandex-cloud/api/compute/v1");
const FOLDER_ID = process.env.FOLDER_ID;
const MAX_DAYS = process.env.MAX_DAYS;
async function handler(event, context) {
    const snapshotService = new ycsdk.SnapshotService();
    const diskService = new ycsdk.DiskService();
    const diskList = await diskService.list({
        folderId: FOLDER_ID,
    console.log('Removing old snapshots');
    const {snapshots} = await snapshotService.list({folderId: FOLDER_ID});
    for ( let i in snapshots ) {
        const snapshot = snapshots[i];
        const createdMin = / 1000 - (60 * 60 * 24 * MAX_DAYS);
        if ( snapshot && snapshot.createdAt && 
            snapshot.createdAt.seconds.low < createdMin ) {

    console.log('Iterating disks');
    for (const disk of diskList.disks) {
        console.log('',, 'name:',;
        if ('snapshot' in disk.labels) {
                folderId: FOLDER_ID,
            console.log('Creating snapshot');
    return {body: 'OK' }
exports.handler = handler;

Perfectionists can tweak console.log 🙂

It remains only to add the environment variable for the MAX_DAYS script – how many days to keep snapshots.

Add the MAX_DAYS variable in the function script editor.
Add the MAX_DAYS variable in the function script editor.

I’m sure it will save someone a couple of hours of precious time.
All the best and reliable bucks!

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