Atlas shrugged or turn wrong


The most precious thing that every person has is his life and the time allotted to him. Each manages these resources in his own way. There is no second chance, you can not be born again, the clock does not rewind. Igor Sysoev, day after day, devoted almost 20 years of his life to painstaking work in order to present the people of all Mankind with perhaps the best web server of all. Igor was absolutely not obliged to publish the source of NGINX under a free license, but he did so voluntarily, it was his contribution to changing our World for the better.

It is unlikely that Igor thought on the day when he published the source code for the first time that open source would help him become a dollar billionaire. He probably didn’t even think about how one day he would be on a par with other founding fathers of the Internet, such as Tim Burns Lee, Paul Baran or Brewster Cale. And it came true: to date, according to Netcraft, the number of sites served by nginx has exceeded 447 million. And also you can use this web server, this is a work of art, and it’s completely free!

Therefore, ultimately, the money that Igor Sysoev happily received was honestly earned by his own blood andaboutvolume (and not on the grief and suffering or slave labor of other people), he deserved them! His Fields or Nobel Peace Prize if you want …

In business, conflicts and frictions always arise; its essence lies in competition. But now an uncertain circle of very specific people It does not want to defeat a competitor in an honest market struggle, but this group of Igor Sysoev’s merits wants to trample in the mud, depreciate, put the philanthropist a thief, and appropriate his award by right of power. And trying to do it is not in order bona fide applicant – in an arbitration court, and in the dirtiest way in the spirit of the 90s, with the involvement of a resource of law enforcement agencies.

NGINX for us at the ReactOS Foundation has become an iconic example of how you can make money in a humane way with open source software and at the same time give people the happiness of sharing information and the freedom to be yourself.

Help the fairy tale stay true! Do not allow the death of a free project!

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