Astra Linux – you can’t go around the economy on a lame horse

In Soviet times, there was a total shortage and sometimes you had to sleep on the floor, because the stores did not even have beds. Now, in the era of decaying capitalism, everything is there, but the state, by order, makes you sleep on the floor. The problem is that we do not make our own “beds”, and eavesdropping devices can be hidden in strangers. Logically, we should still start making our own. In all cases, the economy cannot be raised on a lame horse.


For those who don’t know: Astra Linux is an outdated version (5 years ago) of the almost free Linux operating system, to which several programs have been added. At the same time, they slightly change the interface similar to the well-known TEM for desktops or smartphones. This simple conglomerate was allegedly checked by the FSO officers for the absence of spyware in it, and this factor is fundamental for all our state institutions – after all, there are so many state secrets in every janitors’ department!

We like programmers the attempt to drive the country into the Stone Age causes slight antagonism. And heavy laughter about the confidence of our authorities that it is impossible to read the information from the stones. In an age of super-speed progress, trying to develop technologies on runes is obscurantism, will we reach the Holy Inquisition, or have we? The state bodies of Russia at the legislative level are excommunicated from everything new – only the old, well checked by the relevant authorities, is allowed. And in general, this phrase sounds a certain positive, like the old is more reliable. But, unfortunately, this is not the case, all developing operating systems, all antiviruses, any software are constantly updated not only to give people new functions, 90% of innovations are the elimination of old errors and protection from constantly emerging threats. And it is the one who does not have time to fight the attack who is doomed to defeat.

Okay, let’s say that it is difficult to disrupt the life of Russian infrastructure and enterprises – simply because they are not connected to anything. (In general, the phrase deserves first place at some humorous stand-up show.) But why do all state tenders sound constant dissonance? Whatever purchase you take, the terms of reference contain a huge list of intellectual functions. Moreover, the Russian specificity of procurement is distinguished by particular sophistication in the requirements of fabulous opportunities. Trying to build artificial intelligence from cobblestones is a rare insanity. As Zhvanetsky said, can he correct something in the conservatory?

Spetslab, like others, has been rebuilt under the unconditional demand of all state tenders, if you want to eat, sculpt from what they give. To make new video technologies work, you have to include in your software all updates for Linux that have accumulated over the past 5 years in this operating system. Plus add a lot of other libraries that don’t make the axis more reliable and safer. And it rolls, because up there only the process of buying Astralinux is worried about. By the way, many people tried to sell their versions of Linux, but quickly changed the name. the Linux operating system, if anyone else does not know, has its own master. We will not be surprised at all that Astralinux will not live long.

And so you can play Astra Windows, in fact, add your shell there – and you will get a new product. Windows texts are also stored and checked in the FSO, so there is no difference. Only we know for sure that the money will have to be transferred to the Americans, and not supposedly to the Russians in the case of Astralinux – dig deeper, there will be accounts in the same foreign countries. So can you warm your hands on stupidity and slovenliness? Who is ready to buy the Russian Astra Windows operating system? What is Russian in it, you ask? – And what is Russian in Astra Linux?

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