ASO case, how we grew from 10 to 300 installs per day (US iOS)


🔸 car portal with unique AR mode (similar to Drive2);

🔸 installs per day (Apple Store): RU — 1000, US — 10;

🔸 in the keywords fields – various phrases separated by spaces and with repetitions without reference to ASO. The application had weight due to the period of existence and the site where the branded traffic came from;

🔸 graphics from 4 years ago;

🔸 paid activities (advertising with bloggers) stopped a year before the start of work.

What we did:

1️⃣ conducted an audit, where we found out all the weaknesses;

2️⃣ developed ASO strategy/work plan for 5 months;

3️⃣ in the 1st iteration, we collected a semantic core for each country in order to get coverage. Chart #1 shows how we have grown from 30 to 150 requests in the TOP 100;

4️⃣ analyzed competitors (graphics + semantics);

5️⃣ prepared TOR for creating new screenshots, tested and applied a new set (Fig. #2);

6️⃣ narrowed down the semantic core in 2-4 iterations, focused on the most relevant queries and tested additional cohorts;

7️⃣ in 5-6 iterations, we tested another version of screenshots and applied it. (fig. #3);

8️⃣ having updated the metadata, we increased the number of keywords in the TOP 5 from 16 to 85 (chart #4)!!!

As a result, over 5 months increased:

🔥 traffic in RU — from 1000 to 1500 installs per day;

🔥 US traffic — from 10 to 300 installs per day;

🔥 conversion (thanks to screenshots) — + 4.5%.

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