Artificial intelligence in crypto trading

Since 2015, I have been interested in teaching artificial intelligence, and everything connected with it, since 2017, I have been headlong into blockchain and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. In the work of a crypto trader, it is very important to quickly analyze a huge flow of information that can immediately affect the value of a particular cryptocurrency. Naturally, the analysis of such a layer of information is simply impossible on its own; only artificial intelligence can help to solve this problem. I started looking for work in this direction and found several very promising works, having analyzed them, I made my top.

I deservedly give the first place to the Geleon service – it is a fully automated service designed for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Having left a request on the website, I received full advice on starting to work with the service within 1 hour and immediately started trading, I note that the employee who advised me was as polite as possible, although I specifically asked questions and was extremely meticulous. Already at the start of work, I began to receive offers from the Geleon service about possible investments in certain cryptocurrencies, indicating a possible rise in the cost of the cryptocurrency. Self-processing of such data is simply not possible. Now let’s talk about payments, there were no problems with this at all, I received payments immediately after, such as I formed an application. Only positive impressions.

The second place is CryptoInvest – a cryptocurrency trading service based on artificial intelligence. I went through a simple registration, waited a very long time for a specialist’s response to receive advice, but having phoned me, they explained all the nuances of using the service. Having started trading, I immediately faced a number of inconveniences

– replenishment of the balance through acquiring with a high commission (up to 20 percent)

– signals contradicting each other, but yes there was such

– the main thing is the conclusion only 2 times a month!

In general, I am satisfied with the work of the service, since I managed to make money on several pairs.

In conclusion, I note that this top is subjective, I believe that the future lies behind artificial intelligence, and especially in the field of cryptocurrency trading.

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