Are programmers ready for nuclear war?

I will speak for Ubuntu, because it is completely (censored), but with Winda the situation is similar.

So. You survived an atomic attack, and now you are experiencing a fallout in a bunker in your country house. Naturally, you have electricity – how can you do without it? But there is no Internet. It’s not scary, you think, and you take out Alienware, 64 Gb, a top-end video card, specially purchased for this purpose, and that’s it.

And you decide to do programming, for example, take machine learning. For example, it means that I just pointed a finger so as not to think for a long time. You want to make a phone out of an already unnecessary phone and sort out a PI robot that will make its way out under the rubble and measure radiation (provided that Ali Express and all these radio components … I will assume that you have a reserve). So, what do you need from the software?

Ubuntu. You, of course, took rubble USBs for a computer and for raspbury into the bunker.

Complete repositories for Ubuntu. Because the software has to be taken from somewhere, and the software has dependencies, and they have … well, in general, you understand.

Editor. And if you don’t want to (censor) with VS Code, then not one for example for Python and pluses. And by the way, in a form that allows you to put it on a bare car. Without network. That is, either this editor is in the Ubuntu repository (1.5 terabytes), or you need to download it separately.

Would you like to write on your phone? Good news – most likely, you will not install Android Studio offline. Most likely, you will have to use it in the form of a container, or, as for amateurs (censorship), put it on a removable disk. There are people on StackOverflow who have done this.

By the way…

stack overflow. It is impossible to work without it. And it is in the form of an archive, and there are programs for reading this archive. Do not forget.

All the rest. All those utilities that you downloaded from developer sites, all the neural networks that you downloaded from GIT…

By the way…

About neural networks. I still could not figure out how, without parsing network logs, to understand where TensorFlow downloads weights for pre-trained networks. In general, to put that TF, that RT will be something else adventure. I mean, not to deliver, but to make a distribution kit.

Textbooks. EVERYTHING that you took online, now you need to download to the SSD and wrap it in foil.

Well, and so on. The programmers are not ready, oh, not ready!

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