Architectural solutions of the new time 21.06.2022

Hi all!

21st of June at 17:30 Data People by GlowByte invites you to a summer meetup – we will share the views of architects on rapidly changing processes in the new time, tell you how solutions within consulting are changing and how they adapt and scale for business!

GlowByte experts will talk about the GreenPlum DBMS, as well as present their own developments: a streaming platform for implementing online calculation of pre-approved proposals and a platform for developing and operationalizing ML based on Opensource tools.

In a programme:

  1. GreenPlum is a new reality.

    He will tell about the assembly of GreenPlum, how to make it, what it lacks and how lead architect Dmitry Inokentiev can work with it.

  2. Implementation of online calculation of pre-approved offers using DS Streaming Platform.

    Leading architect Dmitry Gubar will tell about the solution of an applied actual business problem of prompt formation and updating of pre-approved loan offers in the bank.

  3. Platform for ML based on Opensource tools.

    He will tell about the open source solution for the development and operationalization of ML models on a convenient platform, why and for whom we came up with it, how we assembled the components and how to use it correctly by senior architect Grigory Shutov.

Join us on a warm summer evening: you are in a good mood, we are bringing interesting reports and delicious treats on the open veranda in Loft 2’25.

Meetup is traditionally free, registration is required.

Have a great day and see you soon!

Team data people by GlowByte

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