Apple’s major updates at WWDC 2021: iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and a new version of macOS

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Igor Vedeneev, Head of mobile AGIMA is in touch.

Last night, the first day of Apple’s presentation, WWDC 2021, took place, where they talked about iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and the new version of macOS.

We have noted a number of interesting features, not only as application developers, but also as users of Apple devices.

So, let’s take a closer look at what’s new for the owners of apple products.

FaceTime. Now you can share links to the call. Calls will work in web version on android and on windows.

SharePlay – the ability to listen to music with multiple interlocutors, as well as share music, output to Apple TV +.

iMessage – SharePlay will be integrated, it will be possible to pin messages and enjoy the updated design of attached photos.

Focus – taking care of the user and the information that comes in. AI (artificial intelligence) will group push notifications. The phone will determine where your location is and show a group of notifications based on the location. A convenient function that allows you to abstract at work from personal and vice versa. The developer is unlikely to be able to use this, but he will definitely be able to work more.

In addition, the “do not disturb” mode has appeared, the interlocutors will receive a message about this. However, the AI ​​will determine the group of people whose notifications you will receive anyway.

Live Text. Point the smartphone camera at the text and it will immediately recognize it. You can also open a photo and read the text on it. It is also convenient that it recognizes the phone number, it is enough to select it and immediately make a call.

It seems to us that in the future this service will be in demand in the development of applications, because it can significantly reduce the time of acquaintance with the brand: I saw an advertisement, scanned it, and from a photo I have already gone to the site or saved important information in text format. In addition, perhaps, due to this function, the user path will be reduced. Deep Linking from photos, it’s worth considering.

Spotlight also finalized. Enter the location and it will show everything related to this location in your smartphone.

Wallet… The purpose of this application is that we abandon the physical wallet and only the phone was enough for us. Now you can store there not only payment cards, but also an office pass, tickets to amusement parks, keys to your house or car. In the states, you can also add an identity card. =)

“Memories”. Every iPhone owner has received a “photo” notification more than once – remember your trip. Now you can not only view, but also edit the memory. Based on your preferences, music is pulled from Apple music, you can change it, as well as change the playback speed. Content creation becomes easier.

iPad. Last time we noticed that the creators are striving to make the iPad like a mac. This time it also did not go unnoticed. Increased widgets, added multiple desktops, multitasking (work in several applications at once).

Quick notes. Now you can not stock up on stickers, but take notes immediately on the tablet. It’s simple, pull up from the bottom corner and record the information. Notes, of course, are smart, you can mark the places where you left off and return to them by clicking in the note. Works on iPadOS and the new macOS.

Privacy. It should be noted here how the developers got confused. Now you can hide your location, create spoofed email addresses. Probably, marketers will be sad, but personally I am glad that I will not come across unnecessary ads.

macOS Monterey. Introduced another macOS update. Updated Safari, improved interaction between ecosystem devices.

We talked quite a bit about improvements for developers, but this is due to the fact that there will be sessions all week where they will tell you more about this. In the meantime, we’ll tell you what made us happy.

  1. Swift Playgrounds has been improved on the iPad. Now you can develop and test your app on a tablet and release it right away. Not sure if this will work for serious projects. But it’s definitely worth a try.

  2. App Store. Now you can experiment with the appearance of the application page for different user groups. This seems to me to be a useful feature for business.

  3. Xcode cloud. Apple’s Continuous Integration? Running tests, building and deploying in the AppStore, all through xcode!

  4. “Transformation” of an object into a 3D model.

What else will be useful in the developer tools, we have to find out. But here I want to come up with all responsibility and try first, and then share my opinion with you.

Keep in touch.

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