Apple warned looters to track all stolen phones

Pogroms and riots continue in dozens of US cities. Among the looted were, including branded stores Apple Store. For a multi-billion dollar company, several thousand stolen devices are of no value in terms of profit. But she warned thievesthat will track every iPhone stolen from company stores.

Executive Director Tim Cook sent out to employees letter saying that the company has always opposed racism and human rights violations. Despite the formal support of the protesters, Apple still became one of the victims of robberies.

Apple Store brand stores just opened after quarantine caused by COVID-19, as riots broke out. The tech giant has decided to shut down most of them again to ensure the safety of staff and its customers. It is not surprising that Apple has become a favorite target of robbers, given the cost of goods.

Apple stores were attacked or damaged in Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia, with marauders stealing any devices that were available. The video below shows the sack of a store in Portland.

To prevent further robberies, it was decided to remove the demonstration copies from the trading floors and shop windows.

But since this is Apple, everyone who stole a new iPhone from any retail store will get a surprise.

It has long been known that Apple uses special software that disconnects a device illegally taken from the store. However, so far few have seen this technology in action. Thanks to social networks, we are now can see the message, which welcomes the looter turning on his new device: “This device has been disconnected and is being monitored,” it says. “Local authorities will be warned.”

“Please return the device to the store on Walnut Street,” it was reported. It is unlikely that any of the smartphones will be returned to the store upon request. Most likely, after receiving such a message, the phones will be disassembled for parts or quickly sold at a bargain price on the street because of fears that there is some form of tracking. In the end, it’s Apple.

It is said that during the riots and looting in Egypt in 2011, the new iPhone sold on the street at 50 pounds (less than 10 US dollars).

Theft of expensive phones has been a problem in large cities for many years. Apple is systematically taking steps to make devices useless after theft, including a built-in feature Find me, which allows users to track the iPhone: “If your device is missing,” says Apple Help“- activate the Lost Mode to immediately block it and begin to track its location.”

For users who have truly lost their iPhone, this is a good help. But marauders are better off not messing with Apple technology, otherwise law enforcement officials may knock on their door, writes Forbes

In this case, a person can be arrested not for theft, but for robbery as part of an organized group by preliminary conspiracy and looting, and these are much more serious articles.

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