Apple hypocrisy and dancing around privacy

The company prohibits its employees from using “incorrect” words related to user surveillance in external communications. Which the company still runs and already earns billions of dollars.

It is known that salespeople from the advertising department were strictly forbidden to use the words “targeting” and “algorithm” in communication with the outside world. Now instead of them you need to say “clearing the audience” and “platform”. Well, at least not the “magic magic” that delivers advertising to the right client! Pure newspeak to name a phenomenon without giving its real name.

After all, Apple has taken on the role of the main leader in the fight for user privacy, for the absence of surveillance, and introduced restrictions for other companies. Have you seen the Privacy – That’s Iphone billboards? Billions have been poured into this campaign around the world. But when Apple itself also targets a little and monitors user behavior – this is different, you need to understand, and not say unnecessary seditious words.

But advertising revenue is such a pleasant thing. This year, Apple will receive $4 billion from advertising. The business is growing at a double rate, the forecast for 2026 is $30 billion. It’s super profitable, you don’t have to pay anyone. A large contribution to this revenue came from the launch of Apple’s advertising business in China.

There is a clash of two fundamental things – the principles of capitalism and idealistic ideology. Do not advertise, be consistent and earn less? Or try to still sit on two chairs?

In the first clash, idealism, by the way, won. In 2010, Steve Jobs launched the iAd advertising network at Apple, which basically had no targeting. Because of this, then it had to be closed, Jobs did not go for compromises. But now everyone around is making money on advertising! Is it possible for the new leadership to simply stay on the sidelines?

I think it is possible even with such tricks with newspeak to calm the user for a long time and successfully. But sooner or later, the bomb of contradictions will explode in the company itself. And by all accounts it already happening. It is also sad that this discredits the very idea of ​​​​privacy.

I write more about data ethics here.

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