Apache NiFi. November 28 at the Deworkacy lecture hall


In two weeks, we’ll host our Apache NiFi mitap, a useful OpenSource data delivery tool. Let's talk about live cases and discuss various technical approaches to its use.

There will be 4 speakers, one person from us and our colleagues from the Tinkoff Development Center, ER-Telecom and Arenadata Software.

Under the cut – a list of reports and a link to registration.

How to write your own processor (19.00 – 19.30)

Vladislav Mirkos, developer of the Department of data processing technologies, Rostelecom

Vladislav has been working in Rostelecom for 2 years in the system development team of the warehouse, participates in the implementation of projects for delivering data to the warehouse, worked with many ETL tools.

In his report, he will tell you how to start writing your processors when it may be needed, and why expand the functionality of the delivery tools in general. Using a specific example, we will rake the main stages: from idea to delivery to production.

Travel Flow. From development to production and back (19.30 – 20.00)

Bronislav Zhitnikov, leading developer of LLC Tinkoff Development Center

Bronislav has gone from support through systems analysis and testing to development (including the architecture of several systems). In Tinkoff for a year and a half, he has been leading the development team of mechanisms for integrating external data into the Storage, now the group is called NiFi-Core. Writes in Java, Python and SQL.

The report will be about how in the Tinkoff Development Center the developed processes are delivered to the production environment, and how the processes are finalized. Where did they start and what difficulties did they face – and what did they come to.

How to simplify the life of developers and engineers. Expand Kafka and Nifi in two clicks (20.20 – 20.50)

Ella Kurginyan, Head of Development at Arenadata Software

For three years, Ella worked as a developer in one of the integrators on various projects, then she wanted something eternal and grocery, and she got into the Arenadata. Currently, he is the head of the development team of the Arenadata Streaming Platform, a product based on Kafka and Nifi.

He will talk about how you can save time and effort when deploying environments for developing streams in Nifi and not only. It will show how easy it is to administer, update and expand the Nifi and Kafka clusters, share the internal roadmap and indicate where to contact feature-requests.

Using Apache NiFi as a Microservice (20.50 – 21.20)

Evgeny Goryachev, architect of the interactive TV recommendation system, ER-Telecom

He is engaged in the integration, development and operation of the recommendation system for 3 years, as well as the full project cycle, from the development and orchestration of services to tools for analyzing the product efficiency of the system. Uses NiFi not only for ETL, but also as a universal decentralized service.

He will talk about the approach to using NiFi as a microservice for the rapid production and launch of a prototype service with classic versions for microservices, Docker-containerization, delivery and orchestration of containers in the prod.

Participation is free, the registration page is here.

November 28, we start from 18.30.
Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment, 6 p. 3, Deworkacy, lecture hall

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