answers 2.0, flexible link settings, personal colors and much more

Answers 2.0, flexible link settings, personal colors and much more

With this update you can quote parts of messages in replies, send replies to other chatsformat any text as a quoteconfigure type of links in messages, select color of your name in groups – and more.

Answers 2.0

Now you can quote when answering a certain part interlocutor’s messages. When moving from an answer, the quoted text is beautiful will be highlighted.

To quote part of a message, just click on the original message (on iOS – press and hold the message with your finger), highlight the desired text and select “Quote”.

From today you can send answers and to other chats – for example, if you want answer someone personally or move the discussion to another group or channel. When you click on the quoted text, the original message will open in the chat in which it was written. was published– if the user has access to it.

To send a reply to a message in another chat, just click on the panel above the text entry field and select the option in the menu “Reply in another chat” and find the chat you need.

Quotes in the text of messages

In addition to directly quoting other users, you can format any text as a quote – and add to the message immediately several quoted passages.

Settings for links

Starting today, users have full control over the appearance of links in their posts. You can now place a link preview above or under the message textchange photo size in it, as well as select link for preview if there are several of them in the message.

Follow the links it has become even easier – now there is enough for this click anywhere preview areas.

Settings for replies, message forwarding and link previews

To make it easier to use the many new features, we’ve added a context menu for them—it’s available when you reply to messages, forward them, add links, or make all this at the same time.

Personal colors*

To further emphasize the individuality of your account, Premium-пользователи can choose their personal color or a combination of several colors.

This color will be painted your name in all groups – and also links you sent and quotes from your posts in answers.

You can also choose any single-color emoji that will be displayed in the background answers to your messages.

To set or change your personal color, go to the menu Settings > Chat settings > Change name color on Android or Settings > Appearance > Name Color on iOS.

These settings are also available channelswho have reached level 5 or higher, having collected a sufficient amount votes from subscribers.

New Story Features

Video stories are now possible rewind forward or backward – to do this, just hold the screen with your finger and then swipe right or left.

Appeared in stories flash for selfie camera With flexible brightness settings And colors.

To adjust the brightness and hue of the flash, just pinch icon thunderstorms when shooting a story with the front camera.

When opening a story for the first time in the app, a tooltip now displays the basic navigation gestures used when browsing.


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