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Hello dear friends. Lately, Blender Studio continues to delight us with its 3D cartoon projects. “Fear of the Elves”Sprite Fright), “Charge” (charge) – the studio has released these cartoons over the past two years.

January 19, 2023 (but, I myself only recently found out from working materials on Youtube channel project) was announced new project – Pet Projects.

As the creators of the cartoon say, hyperrealism is not the only way to push the boundaries of Blender’s capabilities.

Screenshot from Blender Studio's latest cartoon - Charge

Screenshot from Blender Studio’s latest cartoon – Charge

And the authors described the next cartoon as a very stylized, light-hearted animated episode. The developers decided to create something cartoony that could be made into a TV series so that the design language and animation style could be used consistently across multiple stories.

Project achievements

Project achievements

The cartoon’s synopsis is as follows: An agitated engineer receives a surprise visit from an overcrowded wannabe pilot, resulting in them both being launched into the air in an unmanned space shuttle.

character concept

character concept

Given the target size and speed of the project (duration about 2 minutes, production cycle about 4 months), technical issues will be limited and more attention will be paid to workflows and documentation. One of the key goals of Blender Studio is to share experiences when creating a movie.

Inspired by work on Sprite Fright, character design took place simultaneously in 2D drawing and 3D sculpting. Each inspired the other and in the end was inseparable.

Character design in Sprite Fright

Character design in Sprite Fright

Bye, in my blog, the authors publish technical points on the development of the cartoon. But, as I wrote above, the project was started in January with a production cycle of 4 months, so by May we will have to wait for a new cartoon from Blender Studio.

I think when the cartoon comes out, I will also make a publication on it.

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