Angular Declarative Way Prototype. I’m looking for all these. One cannot take out

In the background, excellent knowledge of XLST, XLS, XPath, XML (I got to Yandex on this thread). And the declarative approach has become part of my worldview, because of the logical and concise separation of presentation and data.

Angular 2.0 suits me completely with its completeness. Please no hollywar about React and others. The only thing that was inconvenient for me was the blurring of the border between the view and data. And it’s not about template.

….. In short, since 2016 I have been successfully using the declarative approach in the angular application architecture (there are existing business projects).

Main Goals and Features

  • clear separation of view (page) and angular components

  • fast entry point for new employees (junior agular developer – 2 days on-boarding)

  • No framework and restrictions for writing angular components, you can write in whatever paradigm you want)

  • Everything is simple. But this is for fans of the declarative approach to building applications.


An analogue of Ngrx is the Declarative Way Extension fort Angular / if even simpler – a custom assembly of the angular project.

And what is needed (c) – Sergey Gapanin.

  • In fact, I am a programmer – self-taught – an anarchist. And true programmers will write the year more competently. And I want my idea to be beautifully and competently written. And it can also be improved.

Looking for XSLT / Angular fans

Certainly, vanity is my favorite of the sins. (c) Devil’s Advocate


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