Android mitap at Redmadrobot March 19 (MSC)

We invite Android developers to discuss how to equip themselves in order to increase the speed and quality of development, how (and why) to use the gRPC framework in a mobile phone, and to parse our “smart home” case – how to implement the code lock opening in an application. Sign up for mitap here.


“Tooling. Tips and Tricks »

“We Android developers are lucky.” We have a smart IDE with a convenient Git client. It has a lot of features that can simplify the life of the developer, and it is impossible to know all of them. Let’s talk about Android Studio, Git, and about console utilities. What can be done now to increase its effectiveness.

Who tells: Osip Fatkullin, Android developer of Redmadrobot.

“Knock Knock! Who’s there? Open… “

– I’ll tell you how we designed and implemented the main functionality of the application – managing a smart intercom. Why we settled on widgets, and not on Shortcuts or Quick Settings Tiles. And how to make widgets in 2020, when the documentation and sdk remained at the 2012 level.

Who tells: Vlad Shipugin, Android developer of Redmadrobot.

“GRPC: how it works and why you need it”

– Let’s figure out what advantages and disadvantages the gRPC rpc framework has in comparison with the usual ways of organizing client-server interaction. And we will discuss the application of this technology in mobile development.

Who tells: Andrey Muravyov, Head of Server Development, Redmadrobot.

In addition to reports – pizza, beer and Q&A with the Redmadrobot development team. We start at 19:30 (the doors are open from 19:00), we plan to finish by 22:00, but this is not accurate. We will write all reports. If there will be much more applications than we will be able to receive guests, or virologists will prohibit collecting more than 10 each, we will organize the broadcast.

Entrance to the robot storage is strictly by registration. Register here.

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