Android Keyboard Hlider

Compact android Hlider keyboard for active work with text or program code, convenient text navigation, very large buttons, it is convenient to work with two hands both on small screens and on wide ones.

The keyboard is safe for users, does not have access to the Internet and to the user’s shared files, does not collect input data, only the user’s settings are stored in the application.

In the main layer, we managed to place numbers and all the main characters, as well as advanced navigation with moving by letters, words, lines, pages, working with the clipboard, returning and redoing changes, deleting by words and deleting by letters behind the cursor (like the Delete button keypads), all modifiers (Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Win/Cmd) are present, it is convenient to work in the console.

Printing is carried out by clicks and slides, on standard layouts it is preferable to use horizontal slides for printing letters, the input accuracy is almost twice as high. To print numbers and symbols, only slides, vertical and arc, are used.

A large number of layouts have already been installed for many languages, in addition to standard layouts (QWERTY and YTSUKEN, as well as Dvorak, Colemak, Workmal, Soviet JCUKEN, and alphabetic ABCDE and ABVGD) there is also an ergonomic Hlider for many languages, created specifically for this keyboard.

For multiple actions, such as moving the text cursor, entering many characters, circular slides can be used, with the ability to cancel the entry with a reverse circular motion, and to repeat the entry of numbers, or multiple backspacerepeated vertical slides.

There is a layer of typographic characters, two layers for entering numbers, a numeric keypad with function buttons, an advanced navigation layer.

Through the layout editor, you can quickly modify an existing layout or create your own, there is a color theme editor, you can create different color themes for different applications in which the keyboard will open, you can quickly switch the keyboard to day and night modes.

Dictionaries are made by separate applications, this is just a database with a search application, the dictionaries are quite large, English contains 370 thousand words, Russian – 1.5 million words (many word endings), the keyboard can only work with its own dictionaries, and offers enter long words in parts. At the same beginning of a word, the same continuations will always be displayed on the same buttons, which allows you to remember the necessary options and type them without looking. You can create your own dictionary, either directly from the keyboard, or paste it entirely in the settings. Keyboard understands camel caseand other word break options.

Basic typing features are included in the free Lite version, everything else becomes available after purchasing the Pro version. The promo code will be valid for one month. habrahabr with a very good discount. The purchase is tied to your android account, the key can be activated for an unlimited time on all your devices running under the same account. If someone has problems with payment, please contact us, we will provide you with a Pro version for free. Even before purchase, the keyboard settings app will allow you to experience almost all the features of the Pro version.

The project was supposed to start in February, but because of the sanctions, it became impossible to place the application in Google Playit was decided to distribute .apk files through your site.


Chapter Reference on the site, this is a copy of the keyboard settings application, you can familiarize yourself with them even before installing the application itself. There is also a more detailed interactive description of the keyboard’s capabilities.

The Hlider keyboard is constantly evolving, in the near future there will be new unique features that are not found in other keyboards, new layouts and dictionaries are being developed.

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