Android Development: Career Review for May 2020

The HR team and I prepared a study of the Russian job market and asked to share the observations of our teachers: Anton Kazakov, Alfa-Bank Android Development Manager, and Denis Zhuravlev, Android Team Lead at Mediapark.

In May 2020, 230 new vacancies for Android development appeared in Moscow

According to our observations, the massive transition of people to online has proven to be a stronger factor than the general crisis background. Companies are actively attracting specialists both for current projects and to work on new applications that arose in response to changing needs in society.

In total, at the end of May, 844 vacancies in Android development were opened in Russia with a requirement of 1 to 3 years of experience, of which 230 vacancies were in Moscow.

Professionals are offered comprehensive income from 120 thousand rubles. The graph shows the distribution of salaries that employers offer in vacancies, depending on the level of the position.

The following key skills are most often indicated in job requirements:

❖ Knowledge of Java and Android SDK
❖ Experience in developing client-server and multi-threaded applications
❖ Knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures.
❖ Knowledge of the principles of OOP, SOLID, design patterns
❖ Android app development experience
❖ Knowledge of HTTP / S, REST API, XML, JSON
❖ Knowledge of Google Play Services (GCM, GM, GA, FIREBASE)
❖ Proficiency in web services technology
❖ Knowledge of Git, Gradle
❖ Gives Kotlin a competitive edge

On the other hand, a specialty has long been called rare. We found 8,835 job seekers with suitable experience in the resume. 67% of them indicate salary expectations in the range of 100 – 300 thousand rubles. In addition to hard skills, employers also look at the skill of team development, so experience in industrial projects often helps to stand out among competitors.

Anton Kazakov, Head of Android Development at Alfa Bank, Head online course “Android developer. Advanced level”.

I will not say that the crisis in connection with the coronavirus hit us hard. Over the past two months, more than 10 android developers have joined our team. Perhaps, in small companies / startups, the set was frozen, but I have not heard about massive reductions in developers in Russia. On the contrary, many business representatives, who for some reason have not yet gone online, began to connect to aggregators, or create their own solutions, for the implementation of which developers are needed. And the general trend towards “digitalization” has not gone anywhere.

It’s no secret that in Russia the labor market in IT has become a candidate market. In my opinion, the real picture is much more rosy than the analysis of the job market shows. Good staff are sorely lacking, so many large companies are ready to take candidates with little development experience and invest in their training, and a real struggle is unfolding for candidates with great experience.

Mobile developers have been and remain in great demand, and I think that this trend will continue in the near future. I know that many graduates of the course found a new job as Android developers, moreover, some of them joined the Alfa-Bank team, which I’m very happy.

Denis Zhuravlev, Android Team Lead at Mediapark, Head online course “Android developer. A basic level of”.

The question is often asked whether it is possible to change a specialty and become a developer in N years. I believe that age does not affect the ability to become a developer. For example, recently a specialist joined our company at a junior position, who began his career as a developer at the age of 35. And we were very pleased with his results, and he liked the new sphere.

How does OTUS help you gain a competitive advantage?

Basic Android Development Course at Kotlin Designed for those who have no or little experience creating applications. Students will learn the entire development cycle from setting up an IDE to publishing their application in the stores.

As a training project need to develop a movie search application: set up search, sorting, implement screens with a description of films or series, search history and favorite movies, add the ability to share a movie card with your review with friends and set up notifications about the release of a new episode.

Basic course prepares junior specialistwho has sufficient knowledge and practical experience to act independently in the work.

Advanced Android Development Course Designed for developers with development experience of 1 year. During the course, we will go through the full cycle of application development, starting with designing a multi-module architecture and ending with writing a CI / CD pipeline for assembly and publication. Many topics of classes coincide with the basic course, but are considered more deeply. For example, consider how Dagger2 generates code like Gradle collects projects, and what can be done so that this is not such a painful process.

Depending on the experience and the amount of effort that the student put into training, candidates gain sufficient practical experience to qualify for middle level positions.

Android development is developing rapidly – there are new frameworks, new approaches to development. The first launch of the course took place in June 2019. During this time, the course program was adjusted several times, taking into account new trends in development, as well as the wishes of students. So, in the fifth launch, which will take place on June 29, we have added several new topics: Android Internals, Single Activity Application and MotionLayout.

A survey among Android developer course students. Advanced level.

The course is a great opportunity for networking and career progress. Students and teachers actively chat, in webinars and pull requests. Each student can get career advice, work out his resume and add completed projects to his portfolio. The best graduates receive interview invitations from Alfa-Bank and other partner companies.

If you have questions about career prospects in the field of Android development or courses, you can ask them at the next free lessons:

Open lessons are a demonstration of classes on the course and the opportunity not only to learn useful knowledge, but also to evaluate the presentation of the material and the complexity of the course.

You can also get advice and feedback on classes in the closed community of teachers and alumni at Slack. Access to it opens after successfully passing the entrance test. The test is designed to determine if you have enough knowledge to learn. You must also go through it to register for an open lesson. Come, we will be glad to everyone who is interested or working in the field of Android development!

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